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ROSEWILL Nighthawk 117 Review

Posted March 16, 2016 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU


Price at time of Review: $119.99 on Newegg


Nice aesthetics, Quality construction, Great attention to detail, Plenty of room, Lots of drive slots, External drive slot, Excellent attention to detail for builders


Limited radiator support, Features are slightly dated compared to newer cases
With a surprising amount of quality and excellent room, this is a very affordable full tower option that looks great as well.
by Josh Jackson
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Rosewill Nighthawk (34)The Nighthawk 117 is an excellent case. It certainly has a great look to it. I like the design inspiration from the jet (even though I see a flare of Nightwing in there) and the fins on top were a huge selling point for me. Quality was top notch on this guy. ROSEWILL prides themselves on fitting in a budget, but you wouldn’t know it from the look and feel of this case. It’s solidly put together and like I said many times throughout, it’s the details that are almost perfectly thought through. It made building fun and that’s not something I can say after every case. We could almost wrap this up in a pretty bow and call it done, but there’s a few things we should mention here.

As far as full tower cases are concerned, the Nighthawk is in an excellent position. At $120, it’s one of the least expensive full tower cases you can find. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will compete with just full towers. NZXT is offering a killer line-up these days with many mid towers hitting the $100 mark. Some of these cases are raising the bar with radiator support and fan hubs, and these are things that the Nighthawk falls a bit behind on. On top of that, ROSEWILL’s own Thor V2 offers a tempting alternative as well. Personally, I would like to see the fan controllers get replaced by a fan hub. On top of that, a little bit more radiator support would be nice, but that’s certainly a personal preference.

Overall, the Nighthawk is an excellent case. I think it’s the lack of a modern feature or two that hurts it a bit, but the quality is certainly there. Attention to detail really sets this case apart. I found that during the build, I wouldn’t notice something small at first, but then I’d get to that component and realize it was a notch above experiences with other cases. If you have SLI or Crossfire, you’ll really appreciate the extra room, but I’m certain the aesthetic will sell people on the case as well. Once again, ROSEWILL made a great case and we happily award the Nighthawk 117 the Pure Overclock’s Great Hardware Award.

great hardware

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Rosewill Nighthawk (29)





    I’m trying to install the same radiator in the same case. How did you remove the top fans? It looks like they’re riveted in place or something. I can’t find a screwdriver that works.

      Josh Jackson

      Quick question, did you remove the top panel before trying to remove the fans? They should be screwed in the top with normal phillips head fan screws, but you have to remove the top panel first by pulling on the back of it. Let me know if this info helps any. =D


        Same question about installing a cooler on the top. I pulled on the back and nothing happens. Which way do you pull? Are there clips or something holding the top in place?


          Got the top off the case. There are 4 plastic push clips like those on automobiles. I used some pliers to get one of them out and the other corners popped out.
          The instructions for setting up this case are terrible. If you intend on adding a cooler, the first thing you should do before anything else is pull the top off. It is the last step in the instructions! This case can handle not only a 280 cooler but also a 240 cooler, which is what I installed. There are numerous mounting option for the cooler. My first attempt, I put the 240 cooler in the center of the grid. When I installed the motherboard, the ATX plug at the top left of the board was blocked by the cooler. I was able to move the cooler over because of the numerous mounting positions. When you do reinstall the top, make sure to run all the wires from the top so they are behind the motherboard.

          Josh Jackson

          I found that pulling from the center would create a tension that made it hard for the clips to pop out. I had to pull from one side or the other for the back space, and even pull up on a back corner, then it would usually pop out a little better.

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