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Rosewill Neon K51 and Neon M57 Review

Posted July 30, 2017 by Mario Campos in Peripherals


Price at time of Review: $39.99-$49.99 on Newegg


Both the K51 and the M57 perform well, have a sturdy feel, excellent aesthetics and competitive pricing. The software for the M57 is solid.


The K51 Keyboard offers a ton in comparison to similar keyboards at it's price. While the M57 mouse is nicely competitive, it has a harder time standing out in an overcrowded market, but would be an excellent pairing to it's sibling keyboard.
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by Mario Campos
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Everyone has different priorities for their PC build: Power, silence, size, comfort, lighting, cheap as possible, etc. When you are on a budget, some part of your build is going to suffer. Great power; you sit on the floor. Huge monitor; graphics card tops out at 30 fps. Lots of RGB lighting; keyboard and mouse from the 90’s. This review is for the latter. If you’ve shopped for an RGB keyboard recently, your options are $150+ mechanical or $50 fixed color membrane. Good news! Rosewill built something bright, colorful and affordable. They’ve also built a mouse with RGB as well, though affordable RGB mice have stiffer competition. However, should you buy them? Let’s find out. First, a bit about Rosewill:

Rosewill’s mission is to consistently deliver reliable, high quality PC gaming, IT hardware and home products through leading innovation and long-lasting relationships.

Rosewill Inc. was established in 2004, founded by manufacturing reliable, high-quality technology products. The first products under the Rosewill brand name included computer components such as computer cases, power supply units, keyboards, mice and cables. Over time, the product line strategically developed and entered new areas of growth, including PC gaming and home products. Under the management of experienced e-retail experts, Rosewill products can be found on all top e-commerce sites, along with product information and reviews.

Today, Rosewill currently manufactures and markets an immense catalogue of inventive products among its three product categories. Through innovation and flexibility, new products are introduced and updated to keep pace with the high demand of the rapidly evolving consumer electronics and technology markets. Nonetheless, Rosewill’s commitment to quality remains constant due to their effective Research and Development (R&D) and Quality Assurance (QA) efforts. Although, Rosewill products harness state-of-the-art technology, their quality and reliability has remains continuous over the years.

The Rosewill headquarters is located in City of Industry, California, United States, with additional offices in Taiwan and China

One of Roswill’s taglines is “Great Products | Excellent Value.” Time to see if that holds true.



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