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Rosewill Bradley M PC Case Review

Posted April 9, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU


Price at time of Review: $54.99 on Newegg


Roomy for this Budget, Three Factory Installed Fans, Solid Construction, Surprisingly Good Amount of Cable Management Space, Nice Side Panel Window


240mm rads may have trouble mounting depending on motherboard and RAM height
I'm still waiting for the ~$50 budget case that easily fits a 240mm AIO, but I feel like the Bradley M is the best one I've run across so far.
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by Josh Jackson
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Dang! A $50 budget case is a hard one to get just right. The Bradley M does almost everything perfectly for it’s price. For starters, I appreciate having decent room to slide motherboards in and install graphics cards, while also including 2 front fans to really help with case airflow. I was extremely surprised at how easy it was to slide the back panel on after I had roughly tied the cables together. Sure, you can be a perfectionist, but if you want to be in a hurry, you can still do a cable job that looks great from the side window and doesn’t take a long time to complete. Considering budget cases are always a tad thinner than more expensive counter parts, the Bradley felt very sturdy for how light it was.

Bradley Build

I hate the fact that the 240mm mounting isn’t cut and dry though. There will certainly be some motherboards that won’t hinder the rad install, but the space is tight enough that there’s no guarantee you can mount an AIO without a power connector, RAM module, heatsink, or I/O cover getting in the way. I really want a ~$50 budget case that leaves plenty of room for that one factor. On the other hand, every case I’ve dealt with in this bracket has had similar issues so I can’t single it out as some kind of unique problem.

In the end, I can’t argue the fact that this is the best budget case I’ve run across. In the case of reviews, I’ve had a greater number of issues than the Bradley presented and in the case of shopping around, other cases either lack the amount of features Rosewill is offering, or they have some very cheap components that make them seem like a risky buy. Also, I feel like the majority of budget shoppers will only be concerned with 120mm AIOs or single tower air coolers, which means having 3 included fans is a great bonus in comparison to many other budget cases. Until manufacturers find a way to really up the budget game, I feel like the Rosewill Bradley M PC Case has earned itself a Pureoverclock Editor’s Choice Award.


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