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Roccat Tusko

Posted October 31, 2013 by Mike in Peripherals







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Release Date: Currently available
Price at time of Review: $45


Enough utility to be able to carry all necessary peripherals for LAN gaming, well constructed with good quality materials, comes in different sizes


Warranty information a bit foggy, would like to see other color choices for customization's sake, pouches could have been water/dirt resistant as well
If you are a LAN gamer of any kind, this item should absolutely be in your arsenal of mobile domination.
by Mike
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Installation and Use

Proper installation of the Roccat Tusko is a breeze. Simply loosen the straps a bit and apply it to your monitor with the plastic panel section facing the actual screen. Clip everything in place and make sure that everything is adjusted to suit your particular monitor so that everything is nice and secure

1 x 22″ monitor
1 x LAN gaming keyboard
1 x gaming mouse
1 x left hand peripheral
1 x DVI-HDMI cable
1 x monitor power supply
1 x headset
1 x mouse pad

As you can see, this thing is “loaded for bear.” I definitely wouldn’t recommend letting a monitor with a thin stand like this one bare all of the weight of everything for extended periods of time, but it’s all reasonably well balanced when everything is in place; there is also the fact that the Tusko appears to hang low enough that, should the monitor base suddenly tip forward, the Tusko itself would brace the assembly. Nothing feels like it’s going to suddenly fly out of the way without some extreme effort.

Here we have our lovely assistant doing their little turn on the catwalk (yeah!) to model what usage will be like. Holding everything with the handle is remarkably comfortable, as the plastic of the handle has no sharp edges or break-off points from the molding process. Granted it IS a smidgen on the heavy side, and not everyone has a strong grip…

… so thankfully, there’s the shoulder strap. This sets the Tusko up to function similarly to a messenger bag, and is quite comfortable to use. The padded underside of the shoulder guard also has a slightly textured surface to it which allows it to grab your shoulder better and stay in place. Weight distribution in this way allows you to carry the fully loaded Tusko for much longer periods of time.

Now let’s sum up our thoughts on the Roccat Tusko.

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