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Roccat Tusko

Posted October 31, 2013 by Mike in Peripherals







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Release Date: Currently available
Price at time of Review: $45


Enough utility to be able to carry all necessary peripherals for LAN gaming, well constructed with good quality materials, comes in different sizes


Warranty information a bit foggy, would like to see other color choices for customization's sake, pouches could have been water/dirt resistant as well
If you are a LAN gamer of any kind, this item should absolutely be in your arsenal of mobile domination.
by Mike
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Packaging and Unboxing

The Roccat Tusko is presented in very basic packaging, consisting of a cardboard sleeve covering the middle with the whole thing wrapped in a light plastic bag. This may seem a bit cheap of them, but then again, when was the last time anyone got a backpack or any other kind of bag in anything but, well, another bag?

The front of the packaging sleeve shows us the name of the item as well as some basics about the features it offers. The Tusko comes in two sizes, one for 15″-19″ displays, and one for 20′-24′ displays. This particular Tusko is designed for 20′-24′ monitors.

The other side gives us a more technical rundown of what this accessory can do, as well as some dimensional specs.

Once out of it’s packaging, we immediately pick up on how durable it feels. The woven material they use is reminiscent of materials used on high-end outdoors-men style gear; this makes sense as it is advertised as being water and dirt resistant, yet it isn’t overly coarse to touch. The large section in the center contains a plastic plate that feels like it has padding on either side of it; this is in place to protect your display during transit in the event that it should fall over or something hit it. The plastic flexes just enough that it’s not totally rigid. This is a good thing since this will create a sort of “elastic” contact surface for whatever might hit the monitor. It will also absorb most of the energy of the impact.

Here we see the front pouches and two straps. These are for holding a keyboard as narrowly across 355mm as possible. We also find a very bold “Roccat”. Each pouch is approximately 175mm (side pouches) to 195mm (center) in length, and 110mm in depth. They also have an elastic rim at the top with a breathable mesh fabric acting as the pouch itself. Admittedly it would have been nice if the pouches were also water/dirt resistant, but the fact that the most expensive bit of your arsenal here will be protected is what counts the most. The two straps are used as a place to hold your keyboard while in transit and are adjustable to accommodate varying thicknesses and designs of keyboards.

On the sides of the Tusko there are two adjustment straps, one per side, to help cradle your monitor in place and keep it from sliding around too much.

The rear has an extra large pouch present, presumably for monitor cables. It measures in at 300mm wide and 120mm tall. This pouch is also made with the same breathable mesh as the front ones and is therefore not water or dirt resistant, but still durable. The clips that close the Tusko around the monitor are also on adjustable straps to account for varying display thicknesses and heights. The two flaps are designed to be able to cradle your monitor while still leaving the base on for ease of setup after you arrive at your destination. The bottom flap features the Roccat logo as well as the name of the accessory.

The top of the Tusko has a handle built into it for carrying your gear around. If your gear winds up being a bit heavier than you’d prefer, or you simply need/want to free up one of your hands, there are two hanger points present. This is where you can attach the included shoulder strap, should you desire. The strap itself is made from the same quality materials as the rest of the bag and includes the Roccat logo on the top of the shoulder strap. It also has a soft padded underside for resting on your shoulder to make carrying it around more pleasant.

Let’s take a look at how this all comes together to see if it really delivers upon what is promised.

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