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ROCCAT Savu Gaming Mouse

Posted October 13, 2012 by Jake in Peripherals







Total Score


Price at time of Review: $70


Sleek styling, Plenty of features, Sensitive 4000 dpi optical sensor, Lighting effects, Excellent software, Textured side grips


Odd thumb button placement, Price a bit high, Textured side grips
Packed with innovative features but has a few rough spots compared to premium gaming mice.
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by Jake
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ROCCAT has really been looking to make a push deeper into the North American market, and with an ever-expanding lineup, it looks like the company has done a fine job. We’ve looked at a few ROCCAT products, and we continue to be impressed by the smart design, innovative and unique features, and excellent build quality across the board.

From an aesthetics standpoint, the Savu looks great. It’s entirely black and stealthy, with curves in the right places and slightly angular edges to give a bit of an aggressive look to the design. It’s not well suited to large hands, but works very well for anyone with average-sized grabbers.

In terms of features, the EasyShift[+] function is an innovative move forward, and it’s likely very handy to anyone who loves to multitask, or wants more button features out of a mouse without actually having a ton of buttons to fuss about. The lighting is pleasant, though blocked by the hand for the most part when in use. The 4000 DPI optical sensor is impressive, precise and compliant, well above what most other budget mice on the market offer. And the software is outstanding, with a wonderfully sleek and intuitive GUI that encapsulates a ton of customizations and options that are normally only seen in expensive premium mice. Clearly, the Savu is looking to fight above its weight class here.

There are just a couple detractions that must be mentioned though. The thumb buttons are oddly placed, mostly too high and back to comfortably reach without stretching for them. Rockering your thumb across them is out of the question unless you shift your entire hand lower, which isn’t nearly as comfortable, and people with smaller hands will likely find this quite a nuisance. And the “no sweat” side grips certainly are innovative, unlike any I’ve ever seen before, but that “sandpaper-esque” finish feels really weird. I suppose you can become accustomed to it if you’re open to change, otherwise it may be a turnoff.

That said, the overall package is very good. ROCCAT continues to innovate, and while a few choices are missed, the vast majority are bullseyes, so we really can’t complain at all. It’s those types of decisions that continue to improve products and our computing and gaming experiences. In terms of value for what you get here, the Savu retails for about $70, which is pretty good until you consider that the Kone[+] doesn’t cost much more and it’s a better mouse overall. So that makes for a bit of a challenge with the Savu pricing scheme. That said, it’s arguably one of the very best optical-sensor mice on the market, so we’re encouraged by what ROCCAT is trying to do here.

If you’re looking for a mouse that brings some very unique features and forward-thinking to the gaming experience for a price that won’t break the bank, the ROCCAT Savu is a strong option.

ROCCAT Savu Gaming Mouse



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