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Roccat Kone Pure and Kone Pure Color Gaming Mice

Posted July 25, 2013 by Will in Peripherals







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Price at time of Review: $69.99 for black, $79.99 for color variants.


Great looks, great feel, great software, great performance. 16 billion colors to chose from for the ROCCAT logo. The default voice notifications can be turned off. The sleeve on the cable is great quality.


Software is hard to find on the website and on your PC. The default voice notifications are neat but get annoying quickly.
The Kone Pure provides stellar gaming performance for a respectable price point and the color versions offer a way to keep your entire setup color-coordinated.
by Will
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The right gaming mouse can make or break your gaming session. You want a mouse that will handle high-speed precision movements for FPS gaming, but will also handle slow technical stuff for MMORPGs and productivity stuff. Today I might just have the mouse that will satisfy all your needs without breaking your wallet. ROCCAT is a German-based manufacturer of high-end gaming peripherals. They make some of the coolest, most feature-packed gaming mice, keyboards, audio gear and gaming notebooks. They’ve recently released the fifth generation of their Kone gaming mouse – the Kone Pure, and more recently added colored variants to the Pure’s lineup. They were kind enough to send me out their new Kone Pure and Kone Pure Color gaming mice to review. Let’s dive in and see how this one measures up!



“Founded in 2007, ROCCAT™ develops high quality and innovative accessories in Germany for ambitious computer gamers. In close collaboration with the gaming community, outstanding input devices and headsets, which excel through their first-class precision, high level of ease-of-use and unique design, are designed at ROCCAT™ Studios in Hamburg. The ROCCAT™ Kone Gaming Mouse was the first product to be launched by the Hamburg-based developer, and has played a leading role right from the outset in the world’s premiere league of gaming mice. A host of international awards confirm the first-class quality and outstanding range of functions of ROCCAT™ products.” – ROCCAT

Let’s take a look at the features and specs for the Kone Pure now.




    Thank you for great review.
    I really like the orange version, looks pretty cool. Roccat definitely knows how to make beautiful devices. I personally prefer Razer and SteelSeries, because of their reliability. I heard many complaints about problems with a Kone+ wheel and sensor within a few months of use. I hope Roccat fixed these issues. Beautiful design is important, but for a gaming mouse reliability is always on the first place.

    Wolfe Ryan

    I like that trophy system, just a fun extra but also lets you see which buttons you don’t use all that often.


    Roccat is a really good company and a tough competitor to Razer and Roccat is winning in terms of designing its just the best!

    Need gaming mouse

    Thank for review! Black version may be great for me! I try to test another gaming mouse with call of duty, but there are wireless mouse, it has delay time so i don’t satisfied with that! I live in ThaiLand, how can i buy this mouse? Through Amazon? Please recommend for me! Thank pureoverlock!

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