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Roccat INTO Street-Proof Messenger Bag

Posted September 1, 2013 by Sandy Bruce in Peripherals


Release Date: Now
Specifications: BAG SIZE: Height: 320mm Width: 475mm FRONT POCKET: Height: 170mm Width: 200mm BACK POCKET: Height: 260mm Width: 460mm
Price at time of Review: $89.99


Lightweight, Spacious, Stylish, Stores the largest of Notebooks, Earphone Cable slot, Many Pockets, Price


Light Blue color may turn some away. No choices in color.
If you don’t mind the color and are in need of a large, functional and stylish bag, you are in luck! The Roccat INTO Street-Proof Messenger bag will fit all of your needs and then some.
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by Sandy Bruce
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The INTO is lightweight, durable and large enough to house even the largest of Gaming Notebooks along with all of your accessories needed for a solid gaming session. The materials are made to endure the punishment of carrying the heaviest of notebooks while you travel yet still have a very stylish design, unlike the common “industrial business” style bags.

Roccat made sure to add the small details in the construction of the INTO which make sure it can live up to the “Street-Proof” moniker. Having thicker zippers, a Quick Clip, clasps and XXL Velcro beef up the strength of the INTO without interfering with the style.

Storage is always a concern for anyone that needs to be mobile. The INTO offers two large pockets on the outside and five more on the inside. It also has a handy earphone cable slot for access to listening to music while keeping your phone or Mp3 player safe and tucked away.

During this review I was checking availability and pricing and found the INTO at several online e-tailers. They listed the INTO from as high as $88.99 to as low as $54.00. So, if you are interested in picking up the Roccat Into Street-Proof Messenger Bag, just do a search for “ROC-15-800-AS” to find the best deal in your area.

The final topic some people may have an issue with is the powder blue color aesthetic in the case. I don’t personally care for the color, but Roccat did make it look good on the outside of the bag. It was the inside lining that was just too much for me. I wish Roccat would have made the INTO with other colors so the buyer could have a choice. Of course, this is subjective, but, if you don’t mind the color, and are in need of large, functional and stylish bag, you are in luck! The Roccat INTO Street-Proof Messenger bag will fit all of your needs and then some! This is why we are giving it the PureOverclock Great Hardware Review.



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