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Roccat Gaming Combo

Posted April 15, 2013 by James Taylor in Peripherals







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Price at time of Review: Kone XTD: $89.99 ISKU/FX: $99.99 Apuri: $39.99


Customization, Looks Great,Easy-Shift[+] button, Functionality.


The price of the Apuri is a bit steep for what you get.
If you're searching for a keyboard and mouse that were made for style, functionality and under a $100 each than the Kone XTD and ISKU/FX are right for you. The Apuri is a bit of a novelty/showoff item, but still functions well for its purpose.
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by James Taylor
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Final Thoughts

Let’s start off with the ROCCAT Apuri. The Apuri is a nice gadget to have on your desktop. The blue glow it gives off adds a nice ambiance to your desktop and looks very cool. This is about as far as it goes for me though. The only use I found for the bungy, albeit a good one, was being able to wrap my cords for my iPad, phones, and iPod around it which helped clear up a lot of clutter on my desk. The cord bungee is supposed to give the user a wireless feeling but with my testing I felt there was no real difference between using the bungee or not. As a USB hub the Apuri does its job of powering 4 USB devices.

The Apuri comes with a hefty price tag of $40. For a USB hub that’s a steep price to pay for the Apuri. If the Apuri were about $15-20 cheaper, than this is something I would have bought for the looks and cool factor alone. For the ROCCAT Apuri, we present PureOverclocks Good Hardware Award!

As for the Kone XTD Gaming Mouse and ISKU/FX Gaming Keyboard. Many of us are looking for peripherals to match our build scheme, but it’s not always easy finding that perfect combination of great looks and function. ROCCAT has taken all that stress away with the ISKU/FX and Kone XTD. When we combine the Kone XTD mouse and ISKU/FX keyboard together you have a pure winner. They were made to work in sync with each other and it really showed using them. They both provide a level of customization that is just insane. Between all the programmable buttons, Easy-Shift[+]function and other customizations, they are just unbeatable.

The Kone XTD has a great feel to it as well. When comparing it to the Logitech G5 it feels almost identical. My hands are small and the mouse fits beautifully. With my G5 I have to stretch my thumb up a little to reach the top button. With the Kone XTD the side buttons were both very easy to reach. Also, when “in game,” the Kone XTD offers an edge over most mice out there with its 8200 DPI sensor and its 32-bit Turbo Core V2 72MHz ARM MCU processor. These helps the Kone XTD achieve smooth tracking and no delay whatsoever; just smooth game play. This is a superior mouse.

The ISKU/FX keyboard is just amazing! Roccat nailed it once again with the layout, look, and function. Customization is the key word when describing the ISKU/FX. Almost everything can be setup however you want. Across 5 profiles the ISKU/FX gives you the ability to have a total of 180 different customizable keys. That’s pretty astounding in my book. The ISKU/FX has made my daily computer use and gaming a much better experience. Having access to an abundance of programs right at my fingertips ready to open without having to worry about searching for that one icon makes life a little easier.

So, did the ROCCAT Kone XTD and ISKU/FX steal me away from Logitech? Yes they did. I’ve actually already purchased a 2nd Kone XTD and will be getting my 2nd ISKU/FX once I have the funds. You can’t really get a better endorsement than that. The ROCCAT Kone XTD and ISKU/FX easily receives our Pure Overclock Editors Choice Award!



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