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Roccat Gaming Combo

Posted April 15, 2013 by James Taylor in Peripherals







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Price at time of Review: Kone XTD: $89.99 ISKU/FX: $99.99 Apuri: $39.99


Customization, Looks Great,Easy-Shift[+] button, Functionality.


The price of the Apuri is a bit steep for what you get.
If you're searching for a keyboard and mouse that were made for style, functionality and under a $100 each than the Kone XTD and ISKU/FX are right for you. The Apuri is a bit of a novelty/showoff item, but still functions well for its purpose.
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by James Taylor
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Roccat is known in the gaming world for producing some of the top rated gaming peripherals like mice, keyboards, headsets and mousepads. In this review we will be going over three of their latest products: the Kone XTD Mouse , the ISKU/FX Keyboard and the Apuri Active USB Hub & Mouse Bungee. The Kone XTD is the predecessor of the award winning Kone[+] gaming mouse. The XTD maintains its original look and style but with more features packed into it. The ISKU/FX is a multi-colored keyboard that supports a multitude of macros and colors to suit any color scheme. The Apuri USB Hub and Mouse Bungee ties everything together and gives you some added functionality.

The mouse and keyboard are very important pieces to any setup. We use them on a day to day basis for surfing the net, productivity, gaming sessions and more. It’s very important for them to be functional in day to day activities on the computer.

The Kone XTD and ISKU/FX bring some very cool features like the ROCCAT Easy-Shift[+] button. This allows you to have an unprecedented amount of macros as well as control over how you game and/or use your keyboard and mouse. The ROCCAT talk lets the Kone XTD and ISKU/FX talk between each other allowing them to function in unison, making your gaming experience more enjoyable. The Apuri is designed to help free up cable clutter and reduce mouse cable dragging lag. It’s USB hub capabilities are gravy and allow it to serve as your peripherals’ central hub. These three devices could make for a potent combination.

I’ve personally always been a fan of Logitech. I’m currently using their G9x, G5 and G15 peripherals, but by the end of this review we will see if my mind can be swayed to jump ship to ROCCAT. Before we start this review here are a few words about ROCCAT:


Founded in 2007, ROCCAT™ develops high quality and innovative accessories in Germany for ambitious computer gamers. In close collaboration with the gaming community, outstanding input devices and headsets, which excel through their first-class precision, high level of ease-of-use and unique design, are designed at ROCCAT™ Studios in Hamburg. The ROCCAT™ Kone Gaming Mouse was the first product to be launched by the Hamburg-based developer, and has played a leading role right from the outset in the world’s premiere league of gaming mice. A host of international awards confirm the first-class quality and outstanding range of functions of ROCCAT™ products.



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