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Reeven Six Eyes II Fan Controller and Euros 120mm Cooling Fan

Posted May 11, 2015 by Josh Jackson in Cooling


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Price at time of Review: $39.95 for Six Eyes II, Unknown for Euros


Solid Build Quality, Precise Fan Control, Excellent Aesthetics, Great Features, High Airflow Performance


Fan Noise levels are High, Fan Availability
by Josh Jackson
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The Six Eyes II Fan Controller was excellent. The displays looked great, the controls were flawless and the RPM and temperature monitors worked precisely. While the cables may have a been a bit stiff, there was nothing about the Six Eyes II that I felt deserved any legitimate complaints. The Euros 120mm Fan was a great product too. While the noise levels aren’t entirely in line with other high end brands, the performance was right up there in the top echelons of fans. Overall, Reeven is holding up well to their claim of professional quality.

Reeven Six Eyes Front

The real question that concerns enthusiasts is at what cost does professional quality come to? The Six Eyes II showed up for $39.95 on Performance PCs’ website. Unfortunately, shipping becomes a factor there. From where I live in Colorado, I was looking at about an extra $13 for shipping costs. Considering an extra $10-$15 depending on where you live, I would still have to say that’s a pretty good price for the level of fan controller being offered. With 6 channels that have great power ratings, plus elegant LED lighting as well as temperature sensors, you’ll be hard pressed to find a comparable controller at all, let alone one in that price range. Out of the many fan controllers I’ve seen, the Six Eyes II would be my top pick.

Reeven Euros FrontThe Euros fans are a little more complicated. They still show up as a new product on the Reeven website which meant I couldn’t find them for sale at any other websites. Reeven’s Coldwing fans show up for around $11-$12. I would think that if the Euros come in at the same price, they would be a good deal as long as shipping doesn’t become too expensive. Overall performance is great, but you have to sacrifice a little silence to get that performance. It’s a fair trade that puts them a little ahead of the likes of Noctua and Cougar in air flow, but a little behind in noise. Even though the Reeven showed up slightly louder than a CM Blade Master, I would prefer the Euros noise over a Blade Master any day.

Reeven did a great job giving me excellent quality products. There was nothing that I seriously disliked about the Six Eyes II or Euros and quite a few things I found very impressive. Unfortunately, because there isn’t any pricing or availability in the USA or Europe for the new fans, I can’t completely grade them as high as I would like until I know pricing. With that, I can happily award the Six Eyes II Fan Controller the PureOC Editor’s Choice Award and the Euros 120mm Fans the PureOC Great Hardware Award!

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Reeven Six Eyes II Fan Controller

Six Eyes II on Performance PCs

Reeven Euro 120mm Fans



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    Nice review, that Reeven Six Eyes II definitely seems a likely contender for my needs.

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