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Reeven Okeanos CPU Cooler Review

Posted August 20, 2015 by Josh Jackson in Cooling


Specifications: OKEANOS: MSRP US75 RT-PRO: MSRP US9.9
Price at time of Review: $99 in Australia


Excellent Cooling Performance, Great Aesthetic Design, Good Customization for Sound Levels, Good Clearance for other Components


Installation Instructions aren't Clear Enough, Limited Availability
This is a great air cooler for just about anyone, especially if you're fond of the color yellow
by Josh Jackson
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So what is Reeven trying to do here? I can’t speak for them entirely, but if I was to guess, I would say they are trying to give consumers a full range of features, while still offering some of the best performance on the market. The Okeanos is an excellent cooler. I loved the aesthetic design of the unit. It easily rates up there with some of the best in my book, even if the yellow fan blades aren’t my favorite color. Reeven isn’t going to take any silence crowns from Noctua, but the include LNAs do a great job of giving the user the option of silence, while still having some very impressive air flow for those who want full performance. The design of the unit may seem a tad on the light side, but the performance was excellent. The Okeanos is a great cooler and the RT-Pro TIM is certainly up there with one of the best. Also, it’s nice to see a dual-tower cooler fit so nicely in the system. RAM and video card clearance issues should be minimal at best for the high end motherboards this cooler is designed to be used with.P1000867e

Pricing and availability are a bit more problematic at the moment. The Okeanos looks like it retails for $99, but Performance PCs doesn’t have it available yet. If the US price is a little cheaper than the Australian one (which it usually is), then the Okeanos could be positioned to be at a great dollar to performance ratio. The Noctua NH-D15 is currently $93 on the Egg and the NH-U14S is $70. We already know it offers a sizable performance increase on the latter Noctua unit so depending on the price, it could go from being good to great. Either way, the performance is combined with a great aesthetic so I think Reeven is on the right track if they can start working on some US availability. I couldn’t find any prices on the RT-Pro TIM yet, but the tube offers the same amount as what the Prolimatech PK-1 does which is great. Some tubes look like they offer a lot, but when you get a hold of them the actual amount is a bit skimpy. If Reeven can offer the RT-Pro for $10 or less, I think the value there would be phenomenal.P1000904

This almost seems like a clear cut editor’s choice, but there is one huge problem I can’t overlook. That mounting bracket is incredibly dangerous. If a user installs it the wrong way, they risk over-tightening the cooler and damaging the motherboard socket on AMD platforms. I can’t imagine this being an issue for INTEL, but regardless, the labeling and instructions are not nearly clear enough. If Reeven adds some better labeling on the bracket itself so that the end user knows for sure which side should be up when installing it, that would work. As it stands currently, it’s just too easy to overlook this detail and because it can lead to serious damage, I can’t overlook it as a minor quibble. Outside of this though, Reeven did an excellent job on the Okeanos, as well as the RT-Pro TIM and I would still recommend it as long as you’re being careful with the install. I happily award them the Pure Overclock Great Hardware Award.

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