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Reeven Okeanos CPU Cooler Review

Posted August 20, 2015 by Josh Jackson in Cooling


Specifications: OKEANOS: MSRP US75 RT-PRO: MSRP US9.9
Price at time of Review: $99 in Australia


Excellent Cooling Performance, Great Aesthetic Design, Good Customization for Sound Levels, Good Clearance for other Components


Installation Instructions aren't Clear Enough, Limited Availability
This is a great air cooler for just about anyone, especially if you're fond of the color yellow
by Josh Jackson
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Reeven is a fairly new company that has been trying to prove it has what it takes in the computer hardware industry. I’ve already reviewed two products from them and both were incredibly good considering how new the company is. They also offer products that I felt were preferential to anything else on the market. Reeven is trying to do something special here and I feel like the Okeanos CPU cooler will help us unfold more of what their end game is going to be. However, the dual tower CPU cooler market is very competitive and even if a product shows that it can handle the heat, there has to be some very compelling reasons to make it the clear winner for a person’s system. Does the Reeven Okeanos have what it takes? We’ll find out soon enough, but first, let’s get a refresher about who Reeven is.P1010002e

REEVEN is a newly established international manufacturer of PC related products. REEVEN’s product lines includes the best quality of advanced CPU coolers, Cooling Fans,PC Cases and many other items. the target of our products will be a wide range of audience under our philosophy “Professional Quality Gears”, for products that will withstand the highest demand

I still can’t place my finger on what “Professional Quality Gears” means exactly. The world may never know.



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