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Razer Copperhead 2000 DPI Gaming Mouse & eXactMat

Posted September 28, 2005 by admin in Peripherals







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Introduction: the woe of a Journalist

As a journalist, it is usually rather good practice to stay fully impartial and simply report the facts. It?s not as easy as it sounds though because everyone has an opinion on something. The problems for journalists further arise with writing style and structure. You may not actually be biased towards the subject, but if you write a piece that remotely comes across as biased the piece can loose all credibility in a nanosecond, and your publication could follow ? you can end up looking corrupt.

For this one review I?m going to say to hell with this, because I?ve actually wanted a Razer gaming mouse for years now and I?m not afraid to say it! Does this make me biased? I don?t think it does. You see, my expectations for this mouse are high and I don?t like my expectations being crumbled to the ground?.

More important than this, though, is the credibility problem with writing a review of something like a mouse. There are no benchmarks, no temperature probes, and no scientific methods that can be used. It?s all self-obsessed opinion. So this is the core reason for my deep and unrelated (to the mouse) introduction ? I don?t like trusting reviews of products that cannot be backed up with proof without a belief that the person writing it is worth listening to, and I hope the fact that I can write an introduction saying so helps reinforce that I actually give a damn about being impartial but more importantly, give a damn about good products and give no damn at all to bad ones.

Taking all this into consideration I think a little should be known about the reviewer, don?t you? So here goes?. I have to admit, I?m not an avid gamer but I am an avid Counter-Strike player. I?ve been playing for over 5 years now and have been on the roster of many clans in the past. I?m extremely fussy about the mouse I use and have real trouble finding a good one as I?m left handed. I have to stick with mice that cater for left handers (usually basic mice) and I?ve found no better than Logitech. A typical Counter-Strike score for me on a high skill public server is 35-10 and I can notice a 0.5 sensitivity change in my Counter-Strike setup if someone changes it without asking. So my subjective analysis of this mouse is bound to what you now know about me and this website.

We?re talking about a gaming mouse and surface here, so what should we be looking for when reviewing a gaming mouse? Precision is most important, and the Copperhead has the most advanced laser engine on the market at 2000 DPI. Logitech have a few mice out now boasting 2000 DPI in the form of the G series of gaming mice but laser precision isn?t the whole story. Comfort, size, shape, build quality, button placements & quality, and style all need taking into consideration.



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