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RAIJINTEK Triton 360 Review

Posted February 25, 2016 by Josh Jackson in Cooling


Price at time of Review: $139.90 on Newegg


Decent Cooling Performance, Looks more like a Custom Loop than a CLC, Can Open the Loop to add Components, Easy to Install, Customize-able Coolant Color, Nice Location for Fill Port


AMD Bracket poorly Designed, Below Average TIM included, Tubing is a little too Flexible which can lead to Kinking if not installed right
This is a great start for RAIJINTEK and feels like a notch above any CLC overall. It would be a good first step for a builder's INTEL system that would like to expand to components beyond the CPU down the road, but until the bracket is re-designed AMD users should shy away from it.
by Josh Jackson
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Triton 360 (26)The RAIJINTEK Triton 360 is a pretty solid unit. Overall, I feel like this unit is going to give you top of the line performance on an INTEL system. You might find yourself wanting to top off that fluid a bit more which can be a bit bothersome, but you’ll definitely want to have your own selection of thermal paste on hand. If RAIJINTEK redesigns their AMD mounting system to use the included rear bracket on AMD boards, then I think it will be a great choice there as well. As it is, if you just want raw performance on your CPU, you might be fine with a more traditional CLC, but the Triton 360 is a great choice if you want a baby step that can turn into more liquid cooled components down the road.

The pricing on these guys aren’t too bad. They typically run $140 on Newegg, but it looks like you’re stuck with either the blue, green or red dyed units. I haven’t noticed the Core version yet which allows you to choose your coolant color. Granted, the price is the same or more than other 280/360mm units that I feel it competes with, but right now this is the only unit that is not a CLC. This is a huge factor considering you could easily add a GPU block to your loop and get some extra headroom there as well. The inclusion of fittings in the pump and radiator should make this process all the more easier.

Finally, the one thing the Triton 360 does better, in my opinion, than any CLC is that it looks more like a custom loop than most units. The fittings go a long way to helping that, but the clear tubing is a nice addition along with a pump/reservoir/block combo that is way beefier than any CLC can dream of. Even the power cable for the pump, which I was concerned would look bad because it comes out of the top of the unit and is impossible to wrap or hide, was actually¬†very appropriate when attached to the motherboard due to¬†the perfect length. This makes the unit look pretty impressive once it’s installed in a system and it’s bound to grab some attention as a result. The soft whit LED lighting is a great finishing touch that will easily change colors depending on what you dye your coolant to. This is a great base to build off of and while there are some things I’m hoping to see changed, the RAIJINTEK Triton 360 earns our Pure Overclock Great Hardware Award!



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