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Raijintek Thetis and Asterion Plus Chassis Review

Posted January 8, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU


Price at time of Review: $149.00 for Asterion and 89.99 for Thetis


Professional Aesthetics, Excellent Quality, Unique Feature in Drive Bay on Asterion, PSU Placement on Thetis, Very Easy to Build in


Panels on Asterion are a bit flimsy, Lack of Accessories like Zip Ties
Raijintek only needs a little more polish on the Asterion, but the full tower chassis is still a pleasure to build in. The Thetis however, is a great design that would make a great SFF computer with room to build. Both cases are strong offerings though.
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by Josh Jackson
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Raijintek has given us a very strong offering in both cases today. The Thetis is a fantastic smaller tower that feels great and has a very professional look to it. The only real issue is whether it will stand out enough from other companies or not. With a price of around $90 at the time of review, it’s not doing very bad at all. Compared to other brushed aluminum cases, it will certainly be competitive, but compared to the plethora of other cases on the market, it could have a rough time. I would still recommend this case though as something to seriously consider and happily award it the Pure Overclock Great Hardware Award!

The Asterion also looks great and feels fantastic. I love full towers, but Raijintek has one of the better cable management designs I’ve seen making the build process even more enjoyable. The panels could certainly stand to be more rigid and I’d love to see that acrylic turn to glass, but at $150 we’re in the same boat as the Thetis. The value is there, but the competition is extremely tight. Once again, the Asterion Plus will garner the Pure Overclock Great Hardware Award and I certainly recommend it as a great option for a full tower. Ultimately, Raijintek is a company that is extremely interesting to me. They have just enough of a unique design on their products, that I really enjoy seeing what they will bring to market next. I’ve only seen them get better with time, so I recommend you check out the links below so you can see more of their lineup. Let us know what you think in the forums and keep checking out the site for more news and reviews!

Raijintek’s Site

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