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Raijintek Thetis and Asterion Plus Chassis Review

Posted January 8, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU


Price at time of Review: $149.00 for Asterion and 89.99 for Thetis


Professional Aesthetics, Excellent Quality, Unique Feature in Drive Bay on Asterion, PSU Placement on Thetis, Very Easy to Build in


Panels on Asterion are a bit flimsy, Lack of Accessories like Zip Ties
Raijintek only needs a little more polish on the Asterion, but the full tower chassis is still a pleasure to build in. The Thetis however, is a great design that would make a great SFF computer with room to build. Both cases are strong offerings though.
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by Josh Jackson
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Closer Look

First let’s look at the Thetis. The black, brushed aluminum finish looks extremely professional, especially when you pair it with tempered glass. The dust filter on the top is built very well which adds to the quality look, especially when you consider that many cases this style use flimsy magnetic ones.

Here’s something to get used too. Everything is backwards and upside down on the back panel! =DOnce we pull the panels off, we begin to see how a build will work inside. Already, we have to give Raijintek a huge amount of credit for great cable management options. Now let’s look at the Asterion. We don’t see many cases that opt for a raw, brushed aluminum finish, but this case rocks it excellently. The panels however, are not glass, but a tinted acrylic. Once again, we have the sturdy dust filter in the top and Raijintek opts for 4 USB 3.0 ports on the top. Ah, but are they 3.0? It turns out the cable can be used on both 3.0 AND 2.0 headers on the motherboard. It’s a great design from the company.

The Asterion plus does two more great things that I really like. First, they give an option to install a slim DVD drive in the front panel. Why aren’t we seeing this a LOT more in other cases!?! Also, we have hinged side panels that are simple to open by pulling on a single latch. This should be more standard than it is as well. The inside of the case looks very roomy for the build. I love how much space there is for running cables on the top and bottom of the motherboard tray. The bottom dust filters are not easy to remove though, since they are screwed in. Full disclosure though, I hardly every check my bottom filters. =\

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