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Raijintek Paean Bench Chassis Review

Posted October 5, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU


Price at time of Review: $166 on Amazon


Extremely High Quality, Excellent Aesthetics, Simple Assembly, Easy Installation


Outward facing glass panel could use slightly longer posts for the occasionally wide component
This is a great bench case or open air display case. This can definitely sit at the top of your list if you're looking to have a bench workstation.
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by Josh Jackson
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Should I be ashamed of myself as a reviewer? In a general sense, I get pretty excited about most of the new computer component releases I see. In comparison to my levels of excitement though, I tend to get more excited about the companies with smaller brand recognition than I do about the really big names. Sure, I should probably live for nothing else than to get my hands on Volta or Vega, but right now I can’t help being really excited about what I’m seeing from Raijintek. They have multiple cooling and chassis components being released that are looking absolutely phenomenal!

Today however, we will need to take a look at just one of their newer designs in the Paean Bench Chassis. The name is actually a word that defines a song of triumph or praise, but the pronunciation may seem a bit….different, for American vernacular. (I’ll let you look it up.) Raijintek is offering something rather unique here, since the design has all the earmarks of a good bench case, but all of the class of a quality open frame case. Whether it stands out as a successful design is yet to be seen, but we can take a quick look at who Raijintek is and what motivates their designs.



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