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Raidmax Seiran

Posted January 2, 2012 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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Raidmax cases typically garner a love-hate relationship; some people love flashy and ostentatious designs, and some don’t. As with most cases, it does come down to personal preference. That said, the Seiran is definitely not a case for those who like more sleek designs. The Seiran isn’t the most flashy case ever, but it still looks like your stereotypical gamer case. Whether this is a problem or not is up to the buyer. We don’t mind flashy designs, but not at the expense of functionality. And in that sense, the Seiran fortunately does a good job, creating some flash without compromising basic features.

There are some good features here to note. The versatility of the drive bays is a strong point, the lack of interior clutter is another, and the large mesh intakes and side panel fan is great for interior airflow. The fan controller works well, but the LED controller only seems to work with the included fans. It doesn’t provide enough power to be used on other fans though. The fans that come with the Seiran are satisfactory, and will work for the non-enthusiast who doesn’t do much tinkering after the build is done.

The Raidmax Seiran retails for about $100, and at this price range there are some excellent cases to choose from. Indeed, if the Seiran was about $30 cheaper then we’d be much more inclined to give it a more serious look. That said, we can’t really say anything bad about the Seiran, but it neither offends nor excites us. However, the price is rather steep for what you get, and compared to the competition. If you really want lighting and fan controls, then the Seiran might be an option for you.

Raidmax Seiran



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