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Raidmax Seiran

Posted January 2, 2012 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The computer chassis market is a mixed bag of sorts. On one end of the spectrum are the high quality cases (with prices to match), with all of the features you’ve come to expect from the top tier manufacturers. At the other end, however, are typically budget cases that have suspect quality standards, and weird things that often have no functionality.

There is, however, middle-ground. A very large middle, in fact. And that is where most cases reside, something to suit just about any preference and budget. They are cases that are neither great nor bad, the kind that you’d have no problem stuffing your expensive hardware into even though you didn’t pay a pretty penny for it. The kind that many a gamer own and are completely happy with, even though it may not have the best build quality or the most expensive materials. It’s just good enough, and that’s the appeal.

Today we’ll be taking a look at the RAIDMAX Seiran, a case that fits into the latter category. It features tool-less drive bays, fan and lighting controllers, and many other small touches that make your build experience just a bit easier. But are these features just gimmicks, or does it speak for the overall quality of the enclosure? Let’s find out.

RaidMAX’s current business encompasses comprehensive applications, PC Cases, Power Supplies and other devices. They were founded in 1998 with the mission of providing the best solutions which precisely meet the consumer’s requirement for innovative designs, excellent performance and quality products. RaidMAX starts every project from scratch making sure all ideas are fresh and creative. They have the know-how to meet or exceed expectations and strive maintain a reliable long-term partnership between themselves and their customers.



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