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QuadraClicks RBT (Right ‘Bove Touch) Gaming Mouse Review

Posted May 25, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Peripherals


Price at time of Review: $150 by backing the Indiegogo campaign


Surprising relief of tension in the hand during use, Feels like a more natural extension of the hand which leads to faster reaction time


Mouse wheel seems too far back and the front thumb button seems a bit too forward, but it looks like those changes are already underway. Pricey.
The RBT definitely lives up to its claims on performance and while I can't verify carpal tunnel relief, I can say it feels more relaxing to use in relation to hand tension. Take it for what it's worth, but I have to own one now! (Remember that the review unit is a prototype)
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by Josh Jackson
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Closer Look

The RBT doesn’t change the core function of having a sensor in the bottom of the mouse to move the cursor. What it changes is how your hand rests on the device and how you actuate the main right and left mouse clicks. The buttons are raised off the top of the mouse, giving it the “Rabbit” appearance over a typical mouse with a tail.

From the side view, we can really see how the actuation on the clicking works. Rather than having the button mount towards the back with the front of it being the point for pressure, it’s the front of the clicker that’s mounted solidly to the base, while the back end is the part that you press to actuate the clicks.

In light of how this works with your hand, you end up using the base of your finger, instead of the tip, to click the button. The initial reaction to this would be to think it’s crazy, but we’ll go further into how natural it is when we get to the testing page. This is a pretty basic overview of everything I go over in more detail in my video below. It’s marked at the point where I talk about how I use a traditional mouse, proceeded by how that compares to using the RBT. I think this will help understand the core, mechanical concepts, so that the testing stage makes more sense.

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