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Prolimatech MK-13

Posted February 24, 2010 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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Specifications & Package

According to Prolimatech, here are the major features and specifications of the MK-13:

  • Installation of one 140mm fan (at 1000-1200 rpm) can effectively cool two VGA cards
  • Can be installed with a maximum of four fans in an one-card configuration under the right conditions
  • Cools both the GPU and VGA card surrounding
  • Will not produce ceiling effect like other competitors’ VGA coolers
  • Interchangeable Mounting hardware for installation on future released VGA cards
  • Fan Secure System to allow creative fan configuration
  • Premium soldering on all contact points for maximum heat conduction
  • Six high quality nickel-plated copper heatpipes
  • No additional weight is put on the VGA card since cooling fans are not installed directly onto the heatsink
  • Leading-edge heatsink design allowing best heat absorption and dissipation ratio
  • Dimensions: (L)205mm X (W)99.87mmX (H)43.5mm (no fan)
  • Weight: 790g (no fan)
  • Heatpipes: 6mm x 6pcs
  • Suggested Fan : 120x120x25mm @ 800-1200rpm
  • Compatibility:

    ATI Radeon
    X1600 / X1650 Series
    X1800 Series
    X1900 / X1950 Series
    HD 2400 Series
    HD 2600 Series
    HD 2900 series
    HD 3650
    HD 3850 Series
    HD 3870 series (except X2)
    HD 4650 Series
    HD 4670 Series
    HD 4770 Series
    HD 4830 Series
    HD 4850 Series
    HD 4870 series (except X2)
    HD 4890 Series
    HD 5750
    HD 5770
    HD 5850
    HD 5870

    NVIDIA GeForce
    6800 GS / GT / Ultra (PCIe)
    7300 Series
    7600 Series
    7800 Series
    7900 Series
    7950 GT
    8500 GT
    8600 GT / GTS
    8800 GT / GTS / GTX / Ultra (G80 / G92)
    9400 GT
    9500 GT
    9600 GT / GSO (G92 / G94)
    9800 GT / GTX / GTX +
    GTS 250
    GTX 260
    GTX 275
    GTX 280
    GTX 285
    Quadro FX1400 / 1500
    Quadro FX3400 / 3450 / 3500 / 3700
    Quadro FX4000 / 4500 / 4600
    Quadro FX5500 / 5600

As you can see from the extensive list above, the MK-13 fits with just about every modern single-GPU card on the market.

The packaging of the cooler is a fairly standard cardboard box. The colours of the box are blue and black, trimmed in white, and there is a line diagram on the front which gives a diagram of the cooler, and basic product information on the back. When you open the box you will see that the cooler is packed in dense foam to protect it nicely during transport.

The accessories here are quite extensive. Prolimatech has included a tube of their thermal compound, as well as the all the necessary mounting brackets for various ATI and Nvidia single GPU cards (see specifications previously noted for more detailed list), installation manual, a universal backplate, case support bracket, VRM heatsink, and all the necessary screws and bolts.

Let’s take a closer look at the heatsink itself.

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