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Prolimatech Genesis

Posted April 6, 2011 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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With so many massive tower heatsinks on the market, the Prolimatech Genesis is a different approach and design of air cooling solutions. We like the fact that the "L" shaped design extends over the DIMM slots providing more air circulation and cooling to those who overclock both their processors and memory. Memory height may be a factor in the Genesis fitting over your DIMM slots, but most memory measures less than 52mm. Prolimatech could have added a few more millimeters to the clearance so all memory would not conflict with the clearance.

Prolimatech also states  CPU, RAM, Mosfet and Northbridge cooling on the package and features. Primarily, the memory with have immediate benefit due to the location of cooler. The Genesis physically cools the CPU but it only provides better air flow for the memory, mosfet and NB chipset, and this can only be a plus.

The fins are spaced nice and closely maximizing heat dissipation. The low speed fans provided by Prolimatech kept the noise level at 18dB (1000 RPM) and was virtually quiet. The fans were not included and that would be a minus with this high performing heatsink. We tested the Genesis with two fans but the unit can be run with up to four 140 or 120mm fans in push/pull configuration provided the ram modules allow clearance. Three fans can be run in any setup using push/pull on the vertical riser and one on the horizontal.

Prolimatech has migrated away from the traditional style heatsinks with the Genesis and looks to be racing for the king of air cooling. The Genesis has not hit the shelves in the US but retails for 60 euros’ overseas, which equates to about $80 US. The pricing has been confirmed by Prolimatech. However, this would make the Genesis a very expensive cooler, especially considering no fans are included. It could be argued that the Genesis is a 2-in-1 solution, and a memory fan would cost about $15 at least, thus offering better value here, and this is true to an extent. But without included fans, the Genesis still remains an expensive proposition.

The price may be high seeing pre-built watercooling solutions are in the same neighborhood, but many users don’t want to mess with watercooling and the maintenance, making this a wise choice. The Genesis can’t quite measure up to the Noctua D-14,  but it’s nipping at the heels. The Genesis will easily cool any Sandy Bridge setup and AMD Phenom II X6 processors without a sweat seeing it handled the i7 930 with relative ease. We highly recommend the Prolimatech Genesis.

Prolimatech Genesis



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