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Primochill – 240mm CTR Reservoir

Posted May 9, 2013 by Deton in Cooling







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Release Date: Currently available
Price at time of Review: $52.95


It has a unique, flexible and quality design.


No port-plug, no anti-cyclone, weak 6-month warranty
It does the job with style, but is a bit overpriced and has a relatively poor warranty.
by Deton
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Overview Impression

The CTR (compression tube reservoir) constructed from Acrylic cylinder and Derlin for the end caps is impressive right off the bat. The precision laser cuts enhance the perfect fit of the compression end caps. Unlike its competitors, the CRT reservoir has no thread tapping for the caps. Instead, it uses compression methods to secure the caps, creating a perfectly fit, tight seal to prevent any coolant leakages.

The CTR lineups are available in various sizes from 80mm to 400mm in seven UV active colors (clear, frosted, blood red, pink, yellow, blue and green). The reservoir is formed in two classes; the Low-profile and the Advanced. The different between these two classes are its end caps. The Advanced version has an extended bottom cap which allows you to secure the reservoir directly to the enclosure or any other devices. Besides that, both reservoirs perform exactly identical. They provide the filling point and contain coolant.

Let’s take a closer look at the 240mm version.

The reservoir comes in a brown mailing tube. There is no fancy packaging here, just a printed label affixed to the tube to identify the product inside.

Here we have a Clear low-profile and the Blood Red (non-UV) Advanced CTR reservoirs. Once the covers are removed, you notice the mailing tube jam packed with foam padding. Along with a reservoir, there are mounting screws, a pair of mounting systems, and an instruction guide on how to assemble the caps and install the reservoir.



The Stealth mounting system’s base is sculpted from the aluminum blocks, and its circular brackets are formed from 3mm thick black Arcylic.

The difference between the Advanced versus the Low Profile version is its end-cap. The Advanced CTR has one 3” longer end-cap with the build-in mounting capability. The CTR is constructed from high quality 6mm Acrylic tube with the dimensions of 240x57x63mm (LxIDxOD).

The multiple port (2 and 4) provides the user the freedom to do various different connection setups. For example, you can do a parallel loop, or two separate cooling systems with one common reservoir, or filler, or an LED light plug or drainage line…etc. Feel free to use your imagination.

The compression cap has a unique design; it consists of a beveled inner-plate, a seal-ring and an outer-cap. It works similar to the compression fittings; the inner-plate sits snugly inside the cylinder and the seal-ring is sandwiched between the inner-plate and the end-cap once the screws are tightened. It pulls the inner-plate toward the end-cap and compresses the seal-ring to spread outward to the cylinder’s wall and becomes completely water sealed.


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