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PREVIEW: Lancool PC-K58 Dragon Lord

Posted July 22, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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We’ve seen good products, even spectacular ones, but finding them to be inexpensive as well is indeed a rare breed. Today we’ve seen a case that manages to pull of that rare combo of premium features and affordability in one package. The Lancool Dragon Lord K-series, and specifically the K58, is a case that strikes a fine balance between sleek minimalism and conservative style in a contemporary mid-tower case.  But we’re firm believers that form follows function, and this is where the K58 really stands above the crowd; it is absolutely jam-packed with features normally found in premium enthusiast full-tower cases.  Features are a great selling point, but more importantly is the implementation of those features. Great ideas are often killed by poor execution, but in this instance Lancool has avoided that pitfall and nailed it, proving that inexpensive doesn’t mean cheap.

The Dragon Lord is the first case we’ve seen that manages to live up to the hype as a completely tool-less tower, sporting some very simple and functional designs that make system building easy and efficient. Most notably is the expansion slot tool-less design, an utterly sublime mechanism that is by far the best we’ve ever seen. Further, Lancool has not forgotten about the motherboard, with thumbscrews for installation. The cable management features here are also excellent, and the versatility and spaciousness on the interior is a welcome bonus in a mid-tower. Wtih the quick removal of the top bezel and a water cooling-friendly setup, the K58 occupies very rare company that allows internal installation of a 240mm radiator without any modding.

Perhaps the most pleasant surprise here was, quite frankly, the price.  The K58 is scheduled to hit major retailers for approximately $80 USD, and considering what you get for your hard-earned money, that is an outstanding value; we’ve seen several full tower cases that cost double and don’t offer much more except a few inches of space.  This Lancool case easily stands tall among its competitors in this market segment, achieving a rare blend of successful aeshetics, features, and functionality for an excellent price.  Lancool has really created a winner here with the launch of their K-Series lineup. The Lancool PC-K58 Dragon Lord will indeed slay most mid-towers, and is a little gem of a product.


Lancool PC-K58 Dragon Lord

Our thanks go to Lancool for providing the K58 for this review.



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