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PowerColor Extreme PX 1000W

Posted December 15, 2010 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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We’ve seen a rise in popularity of dual graphics cards, hex core processors, and more power hungry system components. While manufacturers are working on power efficiency for their products, the general trend has been higher energy consumption. Systems now feature more graphics cards, and bigger cards overall. One of the popular graphics cards companies in the market is PowerColor. But we’re not talking specifically about graphics cards today, we’re looking at a power supply.

A newcomer to the power supply market, PowerColor is expanding their territory. We’ve seen a few graphics card companies doing this lately, and while we’re not entirely surprised by PowerColor’s move, it is a bit interesting.

We’re looking at the PowerColor Extreme PX 1000W power supply, a unit that sports some very unique aesthetics for a PSU, though we have seen a similar color scheme and styling on their graphics cards. Old habits die hard, apparently.

But good looks will only get you so far. The specifications of the PX 1000W are impressive on paper, but what happens when we load it up to the gills with some of the most power hungry components out there? Let’s find out.

PowerColor, established by Tul Corporation in 1997, is a graphics industry leading brand name now and well known for its outstanding performance and innovative technology. As a leading provider of graphics card, PowerColor offers powerful, reliable and cost-effective solutions to customers worldwide. PowerColor graphics cards deliver every-last-drop of super-charged performance from ATI’s most advanced visual processing units (VPU). Running a PowerColor graphics card, today’s gamers are able to unleash the 3D graphics performance of their favorite game playing it the way it was meant to be played.




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