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PowerColor 7790 Turbo Duo

Posted May 20, 2013 by Jake in Video Cards







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Price at time of Review: $165


Sleek styling; Strong budget performance; Factory overclock; Low temperatures; Bioshock Infinite included


More expensive than competitors; Not the lowest 7790 temperatures; Minimal accessories
Strong value performance and features, but at a slightly higher cost than competition.
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by Jake
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For gamers on a modest budget, the Radeon HD 7790 is a very solid entry in the $150 price range. The card is essentially akin to what we’d normally call a 7830, but apparently that’s not a marketing angle that AMD is fond of pursuing. So we get the 7790 instead. Call it what they will, the bottom line is this card sits directly between a 7770 and a 7850.

In terms of performance, the 7790 beats the vanilla GTX 650 Ti, and by quite a bit in a few of the games. However, it can’t quite compete against the recently released GTX 650 Ti Boost. That card is about $30 more expensive though, so the argument could be made these two are not in direct competition. Perhaps that help explains the “Never Settle” promotion, in an effort to tip the balance in AMD’s favor for those contemplating a purchase in the $150 range. With the addition of a $60 Bioshock Infinite, that certain adds to the value here. The only issue, however, is that a 7850 doesn’t cost much more, and you get quite a bit more horsepower, so it’s a bit of a tough call, depending on your priorities.

The temperatures are quite good, the cooler exhibits low noise levels at load, and it should easily fit into any mid-tower or even mini-tower case setup, leaving us with a good impression overall. There’s no knockout punch here; the Radeon HD 7790 is simply expanding an AMD lineup that’s maturing rather well before the next generation is released. That should provide some measure of comfort that this card won’t be irrelevant the day after its purchased.

The retail price of $165 is a bit more expensive than a few of the competing 7790 cards, though the value overall is still very good when you consider there’s an A+ game title included for free. Competitors have the same, though, so there’s no bonus against other AMD partners. The colour scheme is very sleek though, and if you have a popular black-and-red theme inside your case, then getting this card might be worth the extra $10-15.

In the end, PowerColor has a strong package here with the 7790 Turbo Duo.

PowerColor 7790 Turbo Duo



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