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PNY GTX 580 Liquid Cooled GPU and CPU

Posted September 2, 2011 by Jake in Video Cards







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by Jake
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By now we’re very familiar with the GF110 (GTX 580) architecture, so we’ll go with a quick recap. With this generation chip, it’s still based on the Fermi architecture and is very similar to the GF100 (GTX 480) design, though there have been a few changes. The CUDA cores have been bumped up to 512 and Texture Units have also increased slightly from 60 to 64. Polymorph Engines have increased to 16, along with higher core and memory clock speeds. Given these modest increases and nearly identical architecture, it does promise improved power efficiency and temperatures, two things which were sorely lacking in the previous generation.

The diagram below shows the architecture of the GTX 580.

Below is a chart that shows the significant differences in the current GeForce GTX performance lineup as things stand from Nvidia:

As you can see, the GTX 580 is a powerhouse, while the 570 is just a bit lower on the performance ladder. The 560 Ti is even further down, treading more into the performance mainstream market.

Below is a GPU-Z screenshot that shows the particulars of the PNY GTX 580 XLR8 Liquid Cooled. As you can see, the clock speeds of 857/1053MHz are fairly aggressive but should still provide enough juice for more overclocking.

Let’s move onto the package and accessories.

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