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PNY GTX 560 Ti OC2

Posted March 18, 2011 by Jake in Video Cards







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by Jake
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As we saw with the recent release of the GTX 550 Ti, this new suffix is not exclusive to the 560. We’re not entirely sure of Nvidia’s intent, but it seems the "Ti" moniker is being applied to the mainstream designs, whereas the flagship 580 and 570 cards have no add-on. This should help consumers quickly identify in which market range a card resides, though we’re not convinced it’s such a strong motive, nor a necessary move either.

In any event, in terms of architecture and prospective performance, the GTX 560 Ti uses the the same GF104 chip found in the previous-gen GTX 460, but uses the full 384 stream processors available rather than the neutered 336 on the predecessor. The GTX 460 was (and still is) an impressive card, so we’d expect much of the positives to carry over to the 560 Ti, while giving a tantalizing performance boost.

Below is a chart that shows the specifications in the current GeForce GTX lineup as things stand from Nvidia:

The last notable characteristic on the GTX 560 Ti is the memory drops down to a 256-bit interface, along with 1GB of GDDR5 rather than the 1.536MB of the GTX 570. Lastly, the clock speeds have been slightly increased to 822MHz core and 1002MHz memory.

Below is a GPU-Z image of the PNY GTX 560 Ti OC2 that shows the particulars. Note the 900MHz core and 1053MHz memory speeds that have been overclocked from the stock 823/1002.

Let’s take a closer look at the PNY package.

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