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PNY GeForce GTS 450 1GB

Posted September 27, 2010 by Jake in Video Cards







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by Jake
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GF106 Architecture

After the launch of the GF100 that was more commonly known as the GeForce GTX 480, 470, and 465 cards, it became apparent that some changes were necessary in order to not only streamline the architecture but also improve upon some of the issues that became apparent; namely, it’s size and heat output. This gave birth to the GF104, found on the GTX 460 cards. The GTX 460 has proven to be very successful, a distinct improvement over the GTX 465/470/480 in terms of power consumption and heat output. Geared to the more mainstream gamer market, the GTX also showed some excellent overclocking potential, further giving great value for the price.

The GF106 chip architecture includes one GPC, four SMs, three ROP partitions, and three 64-bit memory interfaces. The GTS 450 GPU is a version of the GF106 chip, but with two ROP partitions and two memory interfaces. With 32 Texture Units and 128-bit memory size, there are also 192 CUDA cores here, lower than the GF100 and G104. The chart below illustrates some of the different characteristics in Nvidia’s 400 series lineup.

Moving down another rung on the price ladder, the GF106 chip brings the GTS 450 with a more modest budget gamer in mind. Given that the vast majority of gamers play at resolutions between 1280 and 1680, this is a lucrative market for Nvidia. With the GTS 450 effectively the successor to the GTS 250 and aggressively priced at $130, the direct competition here is the Radeon 5750.

Also of note with the release of the GeForce GTS 450 is the new Nvidia 260 drivers. These represent a much-needed refresh from Nvidia that not only reflect the new features coming together in an all-in-one install package, but also a slick new GUI as well. The graphic below (on the right side) gives a glimpse of what’s in store: customized install for PhysX, HD audio, graphics, and 3D Vision. Yes, not only can you select component individually, but separate downloads and installs are no longer required. Further, there is also a new setup interface for Nvidia surround for arranging displays, portrait mode, bezel correction, and dedicating an extra GPU for PhysX or a fourth display. This is a long-overdue and very welcomed move by Nvidia.

Let’s now move onto taking a closer look at today’s variant of this new GeForce card, the PNY GTS 450 1GB.

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