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Pivos XIOS DS Media Player

Posted November 30, 2012 by Kenny in Peripherals


Price at time of Review: Pivos XIOS DS Media Player $109.99 and Pivos Sense Remote $19.99 on Newegg.com


Massive App markets place, able to support both Linux and Android platforms, Enough USB ports to support external components, 32GB expandable MicroSD reader


Unit gets hot to touch, Small Internal NAND Flash Drive Space, Pricey
Pivos has developed a versatile Media Player device with the ability to support multiple formats of firmware and software, the media device supports all of today's file formats and makes things easy to use and understand. Firmware updates were also made very easy. The large app market place will allow users to download popular apps used today and stay in touch easier then ever.
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by Kenny
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The era of digital media has grown at faster rate then we might have guessed 20 years ago. The world of media streaming, sharing and Social Networking has taken a big step forward in the last few years and so has the technology behind it. Many people use it and increases their likes for instagram and expand their businesses over social network too. This kickstagram review helps you to choose the best traffic boosting tool for your social media sites. Who remembers the days of sitting popping in a VHS to watch a movie on your 27″ Tube TV? Obviously those days have changed.

In the recent years we have seen the progression from the old school VHS, to DVD players, to Blu-ray players. Now, media players are the popular medium for entertainment. Today we have the¬†opportunity¬†to look at the New Pivos XIOS DS Media Player. The XIOS DS Media player combines the power of digital home theater and its powerful Android OS and aims to provide you the best overall solution. You can watch TV, stream movies (live or locally), follow your favorite social network like Facebook or even browse the internet right from your TV. All of this is without having to turn on a PC. This simple device developed almost like a “mini PC,” and can be considered one of the smallest media devices available today. Can it fill nearly all of your digital entertainment needs?

Let’s give the Pivos XIOS DS Media Player a thorough look and find out.


Pivos Technology Group, Inc.
is a global pioneer in media peripherals and embedded technologies founded by a group of industrial veteran and renowned platform developers in Fremont, California. We set to challenge the curve of our conversation with today’s technology to breathe innovation, performance, creativity and human engineering. With over decades of combined industrial experiences and award winning development team, our company is committed to provide a full line of embedded digital solutions where computing technology joins today’s rich internet contents.

Our Mission
To provide cutting edge digital enhancement for today’s multi-platform consumer and commercial platforms worldwide. Revolutionizing the interaction between user and devices to achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Our products
Our solutions focus on IPTV STB/ OTT, Internet Video Streaming, VOD, multimedia playback, and digital display technologies. Partnered with the world’s leading embedded manufactures, our platform is an ideal solution for today’s demanding consumer and commercial technology. With development professionals World Wide, we thrive to deliver the latest “human” technology products to every corner of the world.



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    I love my Xios have xbmc running on it 1080p my apple tv 2 only 780 and can not use apple tv 3 as no jailbreak.

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