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Phobya WaCoolIT Bench Table

Posted July 4, 2012 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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One item not talked about a great deal in the computer component industry is the test bench table. Known by various names such as the tech station, test bench, or just the bench, they come in various configurations and materials. Perhaps made of metal, we’ve also seen wood, plastic, clear acrylic, and neoprene pads, but perhaps the most illustrious is the vaunted cardboard motherboard box (“cuz it was all I had!”). Hey, we’ve been there too. But the more testing you do (and we do a ton of it), the more you find you need something better than cardboard. And test benches aren’t relegated to tech sites; they come in very handy for the enthusiast that loves to tinker a lot with their computer or simply changes hardware often. Enthusiasts love them, especially for those dry ice and liquid nitrogen extreme cooling sessions.

Probably a handful of traditional case companies have dabbled in the tech bench niche market, and some have even specialized exclusively in the latter. So we can’t fault you if you haven’t heard the name Phobya. That may not be a commonly heard name in this arena but they are a sourcing company that distributes cooling and modding products. Phobya is no company in the classical sense but rather a union of multiple companies, manufacturers, designers and technology owners which develop and produce products adhering to uniform and strict quality standards and distribute them.

So on that note, today we take a trip out of the norm in our typical case review. For those who use a case for your computer and do a lot of hardware changes, watercool or just plain cannot leave your system alone, you may want to think about a change of pace. The change being a bench table, and the Phobya WaCoolIT is a new one we’re looking at today. It packs some style and great features, so grab a frosty beverage and let’s take a look at the functionality of this stylish and large test bench.

Thanks go to Aquatuning for sending along the sample for review, be sure to check them out for your modding and water cooling needs.



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