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Phanteks Enthoo LUXE Full Tower Case

Posted July 16, 2014 by Vinny Petronio in Cases & PSU


Hardware: ,
Release Date: 7/16/14
Price at time of Review: PH-ES614L_BK - $149.00 PH-ES614L_WT - $159.99


Well built, price, water cooling features,Hue lighting, expandable, modular case


If you're on a budget and in the market for a Full Tower Chassis that’s very well built and offers you a plethora of options with class, then I am happy to recommend the Phanteks Enthoo Pro for your next build.
by Vinny Petronio
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  • Motherboard Asus Republic of Gamers
  • Processor Intel 2600K
  • AMD GPU 6900 series with full cover water block
  • 1200 watt Power Supply
  • Standard 360mm Radiator
  • 1 Standard 240mm Radiator
  • 10LT Tube Reservoir
  • D655 Water Pump

I decided to upgrade my Phanteks Enthoo Pro with this case. Installing of all my gear was a pleasure… all of my water cooling gear went into the rig like it was made for it; Oh that’s right, it is! The power supply slid right in resting on the six raised rubber feet and installed with no problems. Both my 360mm and 240mm radiators went in with no issues as well. The 360mm and 240mm rad are set up in a push configuration only, although with the abundance of room up front with the cages removed, I could have easily used a push pull on the 240mm. You can see this in the picture below; routing and hiding cables with the PSU cover in place made it that much easier and a non-issue.

With the brackets provided and installed, in and on the vacant HDD cage area, the pump and reservoir went right in with no problems. There is a spot for the reservoir at the back to the left and just under the 140mm exhaust fan, but to install it there would mean removing the fan entirely. Sliding the fan up didn’t help as it did not leave me enough room for the reservoir and pump underneath it. One thing I needed to mention here is that this case is of a modular design, and where you would normally find rivets there are screws so you can dismantle this case at the top making it easy to install radiators or fans. Just like its predecessors, this is a Modder’s dream.

Below are pictures of the finished build with and without the side door in place. Although there is is the included fan hub, all six of my fans are being controlled off a fan controller. The HDD installation consisted of one standard SATA 1TB HDD installed on the bottom of the floor area and hidden from view, and one OCZ 256 GB SSD, installed in one of the brackets provided on the backside of the motherboard tray. The reservoir was mounted to the bracket supplied and installed to the cross-member side of the hard drive cages. The pump is mounted to the pump bracket that was supplied and mounted to the base at the bottom of the HDD cage. A fan controller was added to the 5.25 ODD bays. My Asus Republic of Gamers motherboard looks great in this case. After installing all my gear and powering it on, it struck me as really beautiful. Other than the green fans and LED’s around the CPU block, I am really enjoying the lighting features this new case brings with it. I plan on adding the additional lighting I received to showcase some of the other areas on the inside as well.














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    Were you using a 65mm or 30mm 240 rad up front? I am hoping that it fits a “thick” rad plus fans PLUS the pump bracket, but I’m doubting it.

    Vinny Petronio

    The rad up front is a 30mm in a push only if your bent on putting in the 65mm rad up front then depending on your configuration go with a 5.25 bay reservoir pump combo,or move the pump to the back of the case with a tube reservoir.you may have to loose the fan at the back doing so but just pointing out that there are other options available.

    Bill Barnes

    Good looking case guess I missed this review but great review and definatly something I would consider building a new system in it or moving one of my current Rigs components into this one for some better cooling!

    Bill Barnes

    Great review from Pure OC This Phanteks Enthoo LUXE Full Tower Case is an amazing well thought out design with options Galore and I think Ive already made up my mind to make a move on it soon as possible! I got just the system to fill it! Add 2 Liquid cooling options! Who knows but ME LIKEY!!!

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