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Penclic B3 Wireless Mouse Review

Posted October 10, 2014 by Joe Kershner in Peripherals


Release Date: July 14, 2014
Price at time of Review: $76.99 at amazon.com


Comfortable, wireless, ergonomic


Basic with no gaming features
The Penclic B3 mouse may not have your common gaming features but is extremely comfortable for your everyday use and could help reduce pain caused by arthritis and other medical problems found in the wrist.
by Joe Kershner
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We see a lot of different types of gaming mice here on PureOverclock but what about a standard Bluetooth mouse that’s designed for drafting? Penclic has developed a mouse focused on drafting but does that mean it couldn’t be used for gaming? While we have flip-flopped on our opinions about this new mouse, we’re curious as to if the design is built well enough for comfort of the user, in order to forego the extra features that we are used to in a traditional mouse. Let’s give the Penclic B3 Wireless drafting mouse a whirl on our test bench to see how handles.DSCN2158 Before we get started, let’s read a bit more about Penclic… images

Penclic is a Swedish company who combine the latest technology with sleek, ergonomic design. Our products make your work by the computer more functional and efficient. We always aim for durability, quality and care. Penclics innovative computer accessories are attuned to the ergonomic requirements that our bodies need. These ergonomic advances provided in our products grant the user an amazing and unique experience, without sacrificing on quality or function. Apart from the strong ergonomic advantages found in Penclic products, we strive to include nifty technological functions and smart, clean Scandinavian design. Our focus is to offer effective and comfortable solutions to our customer. Penclic started their journey of computer accessory reinterpretation in 2011.



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