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Patriot Viper V570 Blackout RGB Gaming Mouse and Pad Review

Posted November 30, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Peripherals


Price at time of Review: $59.99 and $39.99 on Amazon


Excellent Build Quality, Great Feel for Claw-Grip Users, Button Spacing and Placement is Well Designed, Top Tier Performance and Aesthetics


Mouse Pad is pretty pricey for the amount of Lighting Features
Viper offers an extremely solid and compelling option in the gaming mouse realm, but the competitive market makes it hard to stand out. The mouse pad is a bit too pricey to compete with more robust or budget oriented options.
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by Josh Jackson
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Patriot Viper offered a great showing today. The V570 is doing everything right for a gaming mouse and at this point, the only reason not to consider it is because of personal preference. The only issue Viper has to overcome is an over-saturated market of competition, which can be fairly daunting in and of itself. The gaming mouse pad feels more like an obligatory offering, but if you want that sweet Viper logo, then you at least have the option. I do wish there was a better wave effect for the lighted edge though.

Value plays a huge role in peripherals. With the V570, the Amazon price of around $60 is a fair price, but it’s only competitive in that it puts it on even footing with many other products. While that makes the V570 an easy product to recommend, it may not make it an easy one for consumers to decide on. Still, the Blackout Edition is certainly worth the price it’s listed for. The Mouse Pad on the other hand, is just a bit too pricey to stand out. It will probably last a bit longer than some of the cheaper options on Amazon, but it lacks some of the effects and comes close to double the price. Unfortunately, while the Mouse Pad feels like a quality product, it misses the mark in the value department.

The Patriot Viper V570 Blackout Gaming Mouse hits all the right marks for being a top tier product. I really like the design and personally, I don’t feel like Viper missed a step on it. If the price could come down a tad, it would be irresistible, but even where it’s at, it’s nearly impossible to resist. That easily earns it a Pure Overclock Great Hardware Award! While I really like the hard surface of Viper’s Gaming Mouse Pad (and RGB!), the price is a bit high in comparison to what’s out there. Still, it easily earns a Pure Overclock Good Hardware Award!

Patriot Viper V570 Blackout Gaming Mouse

Patriot RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

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    This mouse looks dope. I love RGB. I have alienware and it has some of the best color combination.

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