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Patriot Supersonic Rage XT 32GB and Boost XT 32GB Flash Drives

Posted January 28, 2013 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs







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Price at time of Review: $33 (Boost), $40 (Rage)


Fast transfer speeds,sleek design,rugged,affordable


Nominal difference in Write speeds, not the fastest we've seen.
Stylish, rugged, durable, and affordable USB 3.0 flash drives.
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by Jake
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Bigger is sometimes better, and ironically, smaller can be as well. As we’ve seen today, it’s possible to have the best of both worlds: higher storage capacity in a small form factor for a flash drive. Portability and durability are two essential qualities for a flash drive, but speed is where products are made or broken in this market. Fortunately the USB 3.0 interface boosts the speed potential by leaps and bounds over USB 2.0.

In terms of performance, the Patriot Signature Boost XT And Rage flash drives are very quick, with over 100MB/s and 180MB/s Read, respectively. That’s a significant difference between the two drives, and the Rage is extremely fast. However, both drives exhibit very similar Write results, around 45-57MB/s Write. Those aren’t the fastest we’ve seen in our flash drive testing, but they’re most certainly good enough for all but the most demanding needs of consumers. There is a caveat, of course: you need a motherboard that offers native USB 3.0. If you’re stuck with a USB 2.0-only motherboard, then there isn’t much point going this route.

From a features standpoint, both of these flash drives are sleek and rugged at the same time. It depends whether you prefer a capped or capless design, but you really can’t go wrong either way.

As for pricing, the capped Boost XT 32GB retails for about $33, while the capless Rage XT 32GB goes for about $40 for the capless feature and the faster Read speeds. Of the two, we’d go with the Rage; you get a smaller size, capless design, and a significant speed improvement for very little extra cost. Both prices are very attractive against the competition, and there are few flash drives on the market that are rubberized, rugged, and well priced like these from Patriot.

We came away impressed with both of these flash drives, in terms of features, performance, and price. Patriot has put together a great package and strong value for consumers who want a flash drive that’s fast, durable, and affordable.


Patriot Supersonic Rage XT 32GB and Boost XT 32GB



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