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Palit 9800GTX+

Posted November 2, 2008 by Jake in Video Cards







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by Jake
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After copious amounts of caffeine and blurry vision from countless benchmark runs on new games, we have to admit that we?re happy to be at the finish line for now.? We certainly could have pitted just the two cards on all our charts, but we felt that would leave people wanting, kind of like??well??.paying a small fortune for a night out at a French restaurant but ultimately leaving you hungry as you walk out the door.

While the Palit GeForce 9800GTX+ is based on a reference design, it does manage to post some impressive numbers, and trades blows with the Radeon 4850 Sonic in almost every game we threw at it.? The ATI card jumped ahead in GRID, but the Nvidia offering rebounded in UT3.? Like two middleweights going toe to toe, these two cards put up quite a show.? The 9800GTX+ was a bit more power hungry, but it was also a tad quieter than the Sonic at higher fan speeds under load.

So who is the victor?? Ah??well, it depends. The 9800GTX+ costs slightly more than the Sonic, but it entirely depends on what games you play, and whether you plan on overclocking or not.? If you are looking to overclock a card, then the 9800GTX+ is up your alley, as it will give you about a 10-12% performance boost that will match or beat the 4850 Sonic in just about every benchmark. However, if you are content to just plug and play right out the box, then the 4850 Sonic is probably the better choice.? But are you an ATI or Nvidia fanboy?? Do you play GRID, Warhead, or UT3?? Ferrari or Lamborghini?? There is no right answer, but only an answer that is right for you.?
On the whole though, the Sonic does run a bit cooler and draw less power, so in the end it does nudge ahead slightly past the 9800GTX+ at the finish line in our opinion. Quite frankly, each of these cards are excellent, and you will not go wrong in choosing either one.

Boasting great mid-range performance, cool temperatures, and very good overclockability, the Palit GeForce 9800GTX+ proves it is a worthy competitor, offering consumers a great product at a very good price that will handle modern games and leave you smiling.




Palit GeForce 9800GTX+

Our thanks go to Palit for providing the 9800GTX+ for this review.



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