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OPSeat Master Series Gaming Chair Review

Posted February 27, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Peripherals


Price at time of Review: $199-219 on the OPSeat website (Use promo code "PureOC" for an additional $10 off)


Comfortable with a great ergonomic feel, Quality build, Awesome Aesthetics, Excellent Price


I don't have one where I work (Update: Now I do!)
It's not just a comfortable chair, but a chair that will be good for your posture as well. With the value and price the Master Series offers, you'd be hard pressed to find a good reason not to own one, especially if you spend a lot of time at a desk.
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by Josh Jackson
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I can officially say that every heavy computer user needs a good, quality computer chair to go with their desk setup. The right kind of chair is critical to helping with posture, comfort and the long term health of your various joints. I may be in my early 30s, but I already regret not budgeting for the proper ergonomic seating at my various workstations. The problem is, how do you budget for a $300-$400 chair when you want to upgrade to a really decent graphics card for that cost?

It’s in light of this concept that we come to a fairly new company trying to get their foot into the gaming chair market. OPSeat is a Florida based company and their focus is on quality products that have excellent ergonomics. Right now, they only have one series of chairs, the Master Series, but they have a broad range of color choices to fit any gamer’s taste. We’ll have to get to the testing phase of this chair soon enough, but first let’s take a brief look at a statement from the company. As always, we’d like to thank OPSeat for providing a sample for us to review today!


Providing High Quality Chairs for Every Gamer

OPSEAT was founded to manufacture high performance gaming chairs. We offer an unrivaled level of comfort, quality and affordability.

High quality double stitched PU leather has been wrapped around an Ergonomically designed metal frame to create a world class experience.

Our flagship product, the “Master Series” has received many positive reviews from our customers and our primary goal is customer satisfaction. Our pc gaming chairs have been designed and manufactured with ergonomics and reliability in mind. Our products are high quality giving you the support and performance that you need. We know that you will be comfortable sitting in an OPSEAT and have also added adjustable lumbar support and a headrest which can be configured to fit your sitting position. We spend many hours seated for work and gaming, so we would not settle for anything less than the best.



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