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OCZ Vertex Turbo 120GB SSD

Posted September 2, 2009 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs







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by Jake
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After reviewing the 60GB version of the OCZ Vertex Turbo we knew it held its own but couldn’t quite match the performance results of the big dog 120/128GB competitors, and as a result we were very eager to get our hand on its Turbo sibling, especially after hearing about the performance increases. After seeing the Vertex Turbo 120GB in action, we can definitively say the OCZ Vertex Turbo is without a doubt the fastest SSD we’ve tested, and we’ve see our fair share of drives.

The OCZ Vertex Turbo 120GB Solid State Drive features the latest ‘Barefoot’ controller and thus avoids any stuttering issues previously known to happen in some multi-layer SSDs. We also see that the write-to performance is also outstanding and avoids any slowdowns that have been apparent on other drives. There’s no denying the excellent numbers put up by this drive; the read speeds are well over 260MB/s, but perhaps more encouraging is the write speeds which are the first we’ve seen post over 200MB/s in some tests. No SSD has matched these numbers yet, and these are the best results we’ve seen to date, putting the Vertex Turbo at or near the top of the performance heap in every single test we ran. We’ve looked at most of the top SSDs on the market and the Vertex Turbo’s performance results are simply outstanding.

With a 120GB capacity this OCZ SSD isn’t as limited as the smaller drives as to what you can accomplish with it; here you can easily use it as your primary drive, with Windows 7, MS Office, Photoshop, and even some games on it that would take advantage of insane load times. Currently retailing for approximately $439 USD for 120GB, the Vertex Turbo currently sits near the very top of the price range for that SSD capacity. So inevitably the question remains: is the extra speed worth the price jump over the regular Vertex? As always, performance costs depends on the person and what they consider good value. While we cannot dispute the awesome performance of the Turbo, we do have a hard time justifying the price premium. The reality is that you will not notice the difference in daily computer use, but your pocketbook will be noticeably lighter. Bleeding edge technology and top performance always comes with a hefty price premium but unless you’re looking to bench some speed records then that additional cost here is a very tough pill to swallow.

After all the dust settles, the OCZ Vertex Turbo puts up some eye-watering performance results across the board, leaving the competition behind, but that comes with a hefty price tag as a result. The bottom line here is that the Turbo is suited for those who crave and demand absolute top performance and have deep pockets to fuel that addiction, but for the rest of the mere mortals then the regular Vertex packs more than enough punch to satisfy, and at a much cheaper price. Heck, if you really want to talk value-to-performance, then OCZ’s Agility SSD might be the giant-killer of them all. Either way, OCZ is certainly riding in the front seat in the SSD market and we’re excited to see the payoffs for consumers.


OCZ Vertex Turbo 120GB SSD

Our thanks go to OCZ for providing the Vertex Turbo for this review.



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