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OCZ Vector 150 240GB

Posted November 7, 2013 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs







Total Score


Price at time of Review: $240


Slimline design; Excellent incompressible data performance; AES-256 Encryption; Improved durability


Loss of capacity from 256GB to 240GB; Price premium
A solid performer and alternative to SandForce based SSDs.
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by Jake
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As we saw during most of the testing, the Barefoot 3 controller doesn’t appear markedly faster at first glance than what we’ve seen with the premium SandForce SF-2281 drives. Sequential speeds are nearly the same, in fact slightly lower here on the Vector 150. But as we should realize by know, sequential speeds tell very little of the story of a drive’s true capabilities. It’s the 4K results (and IOPS, to an extent as well) that often make or break an SSD in terms of suitability as an OS drive, and the Vector 150 does very well there.

But what’s even more impressive is the incompressible data results, particularly at lower queue depths which are indicative of an OS drive. We tried several setups with ranging queue depths, and the simple fact is that the Vector 150 chewed through all of them without missing a beat. That’s something that SandForce SSDs can’t do, and it seems things have now come full circle with OCZ’s “Indilinx Infused” Barefoot 3 controller.

In terms of pricing, the 240GB version of the Vector 150 is set to retail for about $240 which puts it right at the $1/GB cutoff, a critical point in the consumer mindset. That is, however, on the expensive side of the market, particularly when compared to SandForce drives. The Vector 150 can do things those SandForce drives can’t, so it’s not an entirely fair comparison. With the Vector series positioned as “enthusiast” classed products, we expect that those consumers will understand the difference between various SSDs, so there may be more of an appetite to pay the premium.

So the value here entirely depends on what sort of pricing deal you can get for the Vector 150. That said, the Vector 150 does sport the latest controller, with apparently better reliability (time will tell) and similar IOPS numbers to its predecessor.

The OCZ Vector 150 is certainly a worthy successor to the original Vector, and an great alternative to the mid-range SandForce drives, and is impressive when you look a bit further into its capabilities. The price is a bit steep right now, so keep your eyes open for deals if you want a great SSD that may shed some of that premium cost in the not-too-distant future.

OCZ Vector 150 240GB




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