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OCZ Revo 3 X2 240GB

Posted October 16, 2011 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs







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by Jake
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We’ve seen SandForce-based solid state drives become very popular over the last couple of years, prices have continued to drop and consumers are taking notice of the impressive overall system boost that SSDs can offer. For enthusiasts who demand the fastest technology available, today we will be taking an in-depth look at the new OCZ RevoDrive3 X3 240GB PCIe drive.

OCZ is well known for their SSD innovations, and their newest the Revo Drive 3 X3 240GB PCIe drive looks to be another in a long line of ground breaking innovations. Wielding a total of four (that’s right, four) new SandForce 2281 controllers and a new OCZ proprietary VCA 2.0 (Virtualized Controller Architecture), this new Revo Drive is promising big performance increases to what was already an impressive product in its predecessor.

Top performance doesn’t come cheap either. However, the intoxicating speeds that the Revo 3 X2 offers will undoubtedly tempt the enthusiast in all of us. Think the new SandForce 2281 controller is fast? Wait until you see what happens when we get four of them going in RAID here on the Revo 3 X2.

Entering the memory market in August 2000, OCZ Technology was built around the determination to manufacture the best high speed DDR and RDRAM. OCZ was founded by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, and our commitment to the end-user has not digressed. OCZ Technology has been an innovator in many areas. At OCZ we have one primary goal, and it is to make sure that every customer is 110% satisfied. Every employee at OCZ is dedicated to accomplishing this goal. We offer a Lifetime warranty on every memory module we sell. We back this warranty with friendly, courteous staff that is willing to answer any question. At OCZ, if a staff member cannot answer your question, they will be forthright and put you in touch with a technician or engineer who can properly assist you.



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