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OCZ Reaper PC3-10666

Posted October 13, 2008 by Jake in RAM







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by Jake
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The real beauty of overclocking is when you can get much higher performance for essentially little more money than what you’d pay for using stock parts. Unless you’re one of those special people that love playing with liquid nitrogen, then it’s all about performance for price, two criteria that make something a winner. The other criterion, of course, is aesthetics, but that’s really just a bonus, as least as far as computer components go. Well, the OCZ Reapers sure look great, so chalk one up in that department. And as for performance, considering this kit is rated at 1333MHz, being able to hit 1800MHz at 8-8-8-33 (1.875v) and 2000MHz at 9-9-9-35 (1.9v), this is nothing short of outstanding. Glancing at comparable modules at major online retailers, we see that these Reapers come in at a fantastic price, especially with DDR3 prices overall continuing to drop.

The bottom line here is these modules look very slick, keep cool, and overclock like a dream. Tthe price of these sticks is extremely competitive, and given their performance, you really can?t do much better than this.? ?The OCZ Reaper DDR3-1333 kit offers excellent performance and overclockability in a cool package for enthusiasts at an attractive price.? There is really nothing to detract from these modules, and they’re a real winner in our books.



OCZ Reaper PC3-10666

Our thanks go to OCZ for providing the Reapers for this review.



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