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OCZ Fatal1ty 750W

Posted September 2, 2010 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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Closer Look

The Fatal1ty 750W unit is coated in a matte charcoal-grey color, with a slightly textured look to it although it is fairly smooth to the touch, which means that it may be prone to fingerprints. The overall aesthetic in a charcoal-grey looks great, and this power supply will look right at home in just about any case setup.  Additionally, the finish isn’t scratch-resistant, as I did give it a good push with a screwdriver to test it out. I wouldn’t recommend giving your power supply the same senseless abuse.

The OCZ Fatal1ty is not very large unit, so there are no concerns about space issues inside your case. The front of the unit is where the action is, as we see the modular cable interface. The cable connectors are the fairly standard "click-in" type and connect directly into the unit flush to the housing. The connectors are color-coded to distinguish between the types of connectors. The OCZ Fatal1ty 750W isn’t fully modular, as the 24-pin and ATX cables are connected to the unit, although this really isn’t an issue since every system needs these cables anyways, and they won’t add to the mess of unnecessary cable clutter.

There is a full complement of cables, including 4 – 6+2-pin connectors needed for the latest high-end graphics cards. All the modular cables are sleeved in a flat rubber type material, which should help with clutter and air flow.

The cable lengths for the OCZ Faltal1ty 750W PSU are a bit on the short side in regards to the PCI-e cables, each running about 19".The rest of cables average around 31”. It’s been our experience that 19" is the absolute minimum since they’re often used in full tower cases and can be extremely difficult to reach the hardware. Slightly longer PCI-e cables around 25” would be preferred as we think that’s a more suitable length from our experience. As a result, you may have a bit of a tough time routing some cables behind the motherboard tray if you have a tall tower with a bottom-mounted power supply setup, so just keep it in mind.

Looking at the specifications we see that the Fatal1ty has 4 +12V rails, all rated at 18A, and 650W combined available. That should be sufficient in providing enough juice for hungry systems, including overclocked Quad Core CPUs and dual graphics card setups in Crossfire or SLI.

Opening up Fatal1ty 750W, we see there is a 135mm, 11-blade Globe fan, Model RL4R B1352512H with intelligent fan speed control; it is rated at 12v and .33A. Removing the fan, we see what seems to be a crowded layout inside.

The heatsinks are very small in size but should keep the unit in check with the fan exhausting the hot air. The primary electrolytic capacitor is a Rubycon rated at 100V, 470uF and rated for 105°C, which is great since we usually see caps rated for 85°C. The wiring in the Fatal1ty is somewhat slipshod and could have been done better. There is a considerable amount of glue, giving the internal layout a bit of a messy appearance.

The overall internal impression of the Fatality 750W is pretty good though. OCZ has put some very respectable components together so let’s move onto the testing and see how this power supply performs.

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