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Oblanc NC-2 U.F.O. and NC1-1 Cobra Headset Review

Posted February 1, 2013 by Kenny in PC Audio







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Price at time of Review: NC-2 U.F.O. MSRP $129.99 and NC1-1 Cobra MSRP $69.99


NC-2 U.F.O. - Powerful Bass, Individual Volume adjustments, customize controlling, NC1-1 Cobra - Great Clarity, Aesthetic appeal, comfort


NC-2 U.F.O. - Whining Noise when Charging, Distortion at high volume levels
Both Headsets are a great value at this price point. The powerful bass on the NC-2 U.F.O and Individual volume controls were a great feature Winner. The NC1-1 Cobra is a great overall headset. Both headsets were iPhone and iPod ready along with adapters for PC use.
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by Kenny
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To wrap things up, let’s first go talk about the aesthetic appeal of both the NC-2 U.F.O. and the NC1-1 Cobra. While both headsets had similar designs, we feel Oblanc did a great job trying to find a design to fit everyone’s needs. Although we felt the Cobra was a much cleaner and more appealing headset, the U.F.O. wasn’t bad looking either. Both headsets also came with some nice hardware that we don’t see manufacturers including very often anymore. It’s great to see Oblanc is taking the extra steps.

As far as the Audio and Comfort, we rated the U.F.O headset with a 3.5/5 stars and 4/5 stars for the Cobra. While the deep bass and individual controls on the U.F.O. were a nice touch, we felt the high-pitched whine during charging, and the distortion at higher volumes were the down side for this headset. The Cobra on the other hand, delivered great performance without having the additional woofers. The 50mm drivers assisted in delivering the right sound quality it needed for a clean listening experience. When it came to comfort, we preferred the larger egg shaped ear piece on the Cobra compared to the round shape of the U.F.O. headset.


Overall we feel that Oblanc may be onto something great here. Both headsets performed great and we are excited to see what Oblanc will be bringing to the table next. We found that both the NC-2 U.F.O and NC1-1 Cobra headsets deserve our Great Value Award. These headsets can be found for: NC-2 U.F.O. for a MSRP for $129.99 and the NC1-1 Cobra for MSRP of $69.99.

If you are interested in buying please visit www.Oblanc.com for more information on where to buy.

[Editor’s Note: Disclaimer – The final retail pricing of these headsets had a significant price increase after we had already posted our review. We have edited the review to include the new price, but we did not change the review award. For some, this new pricing may not actually reflect a “Great Value” and may instead fall more under the “Great Hardware” award. We wanted to inform our readers to let them make the decision based upon the info in our review and this new pricing.]





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