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NZXT Zero 2

Posted April 1, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The NZXT Zero 2 is indeed a worthy successor to the original Zero. It is a full tower setup, offering some good features and a great aesthetic to make it an all around great case for gamers. The sleek front with its reflective finish is aesthetically pleasing and gives a futuristic look with the small blue LED highlights. The drive bays are tool-less and have a reasonably good design to make things a bit easier for you.

With 1mm of steel, it is sturdy and solid, and the ability to hold up to seven 120mm fans makes this thing a beast. Unfortunately this beast doesn’t come with a full set of sharp teeth though, since only 3 fans are included, and the price tag can go considerably higher if you want to equip it to the hilt to get the full potential out of the Zero 2.  The top and bottom 80mm fan mounts are a nice inclusion but we’re puzzled why they weren’t 120mm fans which is far more preferable. 

As far as water cooling goes, the rear dual 120mm exhaust fan setup makes for a very easy radiator mount.  The other options would involve some modding, so depending on your ambition and skill level, you can do a few good things.  However, there isn’t a clear side panel to show off your work, so if that matters to you then keep it in mind.  We can’t help but think that if there were dual 120mm fan mounts at the top of the case, then we’d have some very interesting water cooling possibilities.

Perhaps the most interesting fact here, however, is the price tag on the Zero 2: it’s only $100 USD.  You do get quite a bit without denting your wallet very much, and for this price we see a nice case for a great price tag.  The irony here though, is that there are other NZXT cases that offer more for only a small bit more money; frankly, it depends what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a large case at a great price, the NZXT Zero 2 is a good all-around option to consider.



NZXT Zero 2

Our thanks go to NZXT for providing the Zero 2 for this review.



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