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NZXT Source 530 Full Tower Case

Posted November 15, 2013 by Vinny Petronio in Cases & PSU







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Price at time of Review: $89.99 USD


Modular HDD cages of different sizes, Tool free HDD mounting is very easy and secure, 2.5 inch drive position behind mother board tray, Support for large or small radiators (up to 360 mm), Large CPU back plate cutout, Support for up to 9 fans, Excellent airflow throughout, Excellent cable routing, Large angled side window covers HDD cage from view, Dust filters on all intake areas, 2 Year Warranty


No rubber grommets in some spots
Let me finish by saying NZXT has exceeded all my expectations with the Source 530 by building a Full Tower chassis that won’t break the bank. Those words on the front of the box “Simple, Affordable, Capable” say it all.
by Vinny Petronio
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Summary and Conclusion:

Upon opening the box of the Source 530, my hopes weren’t awfully high. The reason is that the Source 530 is designed for the budget arena. Because of this, I wasn’t expecting much in the way of a higher end full tower like the NZXT Phantom 530 for instance. But, as it turns out, the Source 530 did not disappoint at all. You may not get everything the higher end Phantom 530 offers, but you will be getting the same chassis and the same great build quality. You also get most of the features of the Phantom. The Source 530 might be missing the rubber grommets or a fan or two. It is also missing the large front plastic bezel that gave the Phantom its distinctive appearance (although this feature was not to everyone’s liking). I personally love the front fascia on the Source 530 with its elegant, well-framed and simplistic design. It also happens to offer great airflow.

Furthermore, we’re not dealing with some stripped down Mid-Tower here. This is a true full tower chassis, one that is affordable and able to handle not just standard ATX but also the larger E-ATX motherboards. The Source 530 has plenty of room to support the largest video cards and biggest power supplies. You also get the same modular hard drive cages along with all the different configurations. Additionally, if you want to house a large GPU, this case will accommodate up to a 444mm, which is surprising in a budget case. You will have to remove a HDD drive cage, but even with them in place you will still be able to fit cards up to 310mm. Plus, with a max width of 183mm there are few if any coolers that won’t fit in here.

Here is the heart of the matter; if you’re contemplating a water cooling set up, there are a number of (all in one) AIO’s on the market that the Source 530 will take. The roof alone will take any 240mm rad setup or even NZXTs own 280mm rad based Kraken X60. That’s not all. The case will also take a 240mm rad based AIO system.

If you are thinking of custom water, then that big window would be great to show off an exquisite water cooling system. A standard 360mm or 280mm rad (up to 30mm thick) and standard 25mm fans will also fit just fine. Plus, with the removal of the HDD cages you will garner enough space for a pump and reservoir at the base.

With SSDs becoming more of the norm, I really like the fact that they included the SSD tray on the back side of the MB. Along with that, the ten fan 30watt fan hub and plethora of room for cable management was also great to see. And for those of you who are always swapping out your rear I/O or PCI connections at the back, NZXT have seen fit to include the two small LEDs that illuminate these areas.

Let me finish by saying NZXT has exceeded all my expectations with the Source 530 by building a Full Tower chassis with lots of amenities that won’t break the bank. Those words on the front of the box “Simple, Affordable, Capable” say it all. The Source 530 is not only functional in every way, but it also has many features you will not find in a far more expensive full tower case. Overall I have to say NZXT with the Source 530 did everything right, and garners Pure Overclocks Editor’s Choice Award.

**Note: After this review was published NZXT notified us that they are having a sell for the cable management grommets. $5! **





    Awesome Review Vinny. We are now offering a grommet package for the case for 5 bucks through the NZXT Armory store only.

      Vinny Petronio

      Thanks Eric I really love this case
      NZXT has really hit the mark with the Source 530 it has everything you could ask for in a full tower chassis

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