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NZXT Sentry Mesh

Posted June 27, 2011 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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Cooling is one of those things that we will never be able to get away from. Running your PC at stock settings or overclocked really makes no difference, there is going to be heat generated from every electrical component in your system. So the question remains: How do we attempt to control it? We now realize and are aware of that there are a vast amount of different ways to go about it, whether it’s faster or bigger fans, water cooling, and so forth. But what is the easiest or most reliable and cost efficient way for the average user to accomplish this?

One possible answer is quite simple, and that’s to work with fans. Fans are probably the cheapest and easier solution to improve or adjust cooling throughout your system. But running fans at full tilt all the time can leave us with noise problems. Cool and quiet are often mutually exclusive, but there’s a balance to be had. And the way to do that is to control the speed and airflow to different parts of your case. To that end, NZXT has provided us with a simple solution that’s both pleasing to the eye and functional as well, by introducing the Sentry Mesh 30W fan controller to their lineup. So let’s jump in to see what this new arrival has to offer.

NZXT was established in 2004 with the objective of designing unique products catered for hardware enthusiasts and gamers. NZXT has won numerous awards from media and publications from across the globe with a product line spanning from gaming chassis, power, and gaming input devices. Formed by gamers, NZXT continues to expand into new horizons and push the envelope further with each product unveiling.



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