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NZXT Sentry LX

Posted March 26, 2009 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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This piece is nice.  Really nice. The aesthetics are gorgeous and it’s probably the nicest fan controller you’ll find around; it’s not over the top and garish but it does have just enough flash to look eye-catching. NZXT has struck a pleasant balance between form and function here, showcasing some great design work and engineering in a solid package. The build quality is excellent, and this thing is solid. There are many flimsy fan controllers out there, and this is definitely not one of them. You really do get a robust product here.

Really, there is only one detraction here, and it is the price. With a price tag of about $60 USD as I write this, maybe less if you hunt around, the Sentry LX is does not come cheap.  This is not by any means a slight on the Sentry LX itself; if you need a fan controller, you can hardly go wrong here.  It’s just that the idea of a fan controller costing more than, say, $40 seems a little steep.  That being said, you definitely get what you pay for here, as the Sentry LX is indeed a premium product that will last you a very long time. This may very well be nitpicking, but if your machine lives and dies by fans that aren’t running right off the 12v rail, then the NZXT Sentry LX is the one you want.



NZXT Sentry LX

Our thanks go to NZXT for providing the Sentry LX for this review.



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