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NZXT Sentry LX

Posted March 26, 2009 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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Installation & Testing

Installation was a breeze.  Everything lined up; there was less than no drama involved.  Again, something we’ve come to expect from NZXT.

It’s a dual-bay unit.  If this is a problem, you’re either running a laptop or you need to get rid of that combination ashtray/drink holder/USB-powered refrigerator you have taking up space in your front panel.  4 screws (provided) and you’re done; it’ll take you longer to pull the case apart to get at the screw-holes.  Temp-probe placement is completely arbitrary; just don’t be a goof and try putting one in between your CPU and HSF (in fact, NZXT specifically tells you NOT to do this in the manual, which gives one the impression that someone was actually dim enough to try it at one point).

In this particular test box, I had only 2 case fans installed and placed temp probes in 2 locations:  The northbridge heatsink and the vid card’s heatsink.  The hardware in question was nothing over-the-top, just my Bad Axe 2 mule.  Odds are the other 3 fan leads and temp probes work the same way.

These pictures were taken with a bunch of ambient light available and the protective plastic still on the LCD screen.  If anyone has any complaints about this piece not being bright enough, they have more important things to worry about than a fan controller.  Fan speeds as measured by (what else) Speedfan were right on, allowing for variations in time for data refresh; and the temps were within 3%, a margin easily accounted for by temp-probe placement.  Using the controls (all on the front panel, no added software running in the background on your machine) was a cinch; I was going to mention that the user manual didn’t amount to much (the NZXT manuals I’ve seen so far aren’t usually printed on magazine-stock anyway), but once it’s installed, you really don’t need it.  Yeah, it’s that easy.

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