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NZXT S340 Elite VR Ready Case and Internal USB Hub Review

Posted October 12, 2016 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU


Price at time of Review: The S340 Elite is $99.99 and the Internal USB Hub is $24.99 on the NZXT Site


Beautiful Case, VR Ready, Spacious in spite of form, Excellent Cable management, Flush I/O Panel slot makes plugging peripherals in a breeze


HDD tray doesn't have anything to help with Vibration
This is easily a top consideration for VR systems, but it's likely to appeal to builders outside of VR as well.
by Josh Jackson
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It’s time to wrap this review up. I have to admit, I absolutely loved building in the S340 Elite! NZXT already had a good reputation for me, but I really feel like they raised the bar again. The glass panel is a great addition to any case, the support for VR was definitely well thought out, and their cable management system is my new personal favorite. There is almost nothing to complain about with this case.

In fact, the only genuine complaint I think I can find is the fact that the HDD cage has no anti-vibration mounts in it. This could be an issue if you have a loud drive, but I barely notice my Seagate spinning up before it falls silent again. On top of that, I doubt many VR system builders will even use an HDD since SSD capacity is making it much easier to store all your games as well. A fan hub and a couple of included intake fans on the front would be nice, but I believe the budget of the case could only allow for so many features. Finally, that headset holder is a great design for any headset, not just VR ones. The magnet was plenty strong enough, but designing it for managing cables was a great idea as well.

NZXT S340 Elite (43)

At this point I almost forgot about the USB Hub. Once again, it’s a great example of a well thought out product. Sure, it isn’t particularly earth shattering, but it works like it’s supposed to and I think it can fill an important void with how many devices that use 2.0 headers anymore. This saves you from having to use a bay, the magnetic mount makes it easy to put anywhere, and NZXT did a good job of keeping it pretty small. Some cases with really tight cable management spaces might force you to put it elsewhere, but I think it will be easily hidden in the majority of builds. It’s at a good price for $25 as well.

Overall, the S340 Elite is a great case for anyone, but especially for those looking for VR compatibility. NZXT has it listed at $100. While I won’t call that a steal, I certainly think its a fair price. Those not planning on using VR might find other offerings a bit more appealing. The H440 offers a bit more airflow at a higher cost, while the original S340 saves you some cash without all the features. The Elite adds enough for anyone to consider it, but the HDMI port and included headset mount should put it in a great position for somebody looking to build a VR system. With that, we happily award the NZXT S340 Elite and Internal USB Hub the Pureoverclock Editor’s Choice Award!





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